Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patty's Day Blues

Well, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day... and I'm sad. Why? I'm an Irish dancer who has been [medically] unable to dance! Already, there have been two performances my dance school has done and where was I? Stuck at a home with a bum eye and a weak ankle. Sorry for the pity party, but, this has really bummed me out. To top it off, I won't be going out tomorrow hitting the pubs or anything fantastically St. Patty's Day-esque. I won't be in a parade, or seeing a parade, won't go to the new 3-D Lord of the Dance premiere (something to do with only seeing with one eye is nauseating enough at times, add 3-D and I'll be a mess!) and so on.
So, if you are going to have some St. Patrick's Day fun, think of me. Have a drink, holler louder, and have a little bit more fun (not about to get in jail fun though!) for me okay? Just don't do anything that would cause you or someone else great harm alright? Not like I think you will, just wanted to put that disclaimer out there. ;-)


Clouds said...

oh no! that's a bummer! hope you get well soon and holler anyways! :) take care..

annelise said...

Poo :( I didn't get to do anything either because of uni all day. I celebrated St Patrick's Day in Cork, Ireland back in 2008 and it is something I'll always treasure :)

Anyway! I saw this link before on one of my Irish friend's Facebook pages and I thought of you. It's a video of an Irish dancing flash mob at Sydney Central Station. Made me smile, hope it makes you smile too!

Hope everything is healing well.

annelise said...

I think I forgot to paste the link! Here it is: