Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for an Intervention

My life is all over the place. Scattered to the four winds it seems. I have to get some stuff going for my new position at work, transfer numbers to my new business phone, get forms to take care of the never-ever-ever will end student loan drama, figure out how in the yayhoo I'm going to handle my new position and the private lesson load that keeps piling on, and...


That's right my friends, I'm still without much needed contact with the outside world. Not to mention my new job requires me to be able to access the internet at any time. This past weekend I played Spider Solitaire for hours on end, which isn't that healthy come to think of it. So, I'm getting my b*tch on and having an intervention with my roommate. This has got to change. If you hear on the news that a young Tulsa woman has been arrested for attempted roommate-cide you know who's involved. Wish me luck!

On a side note- I miss you all!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Life is Going to the Dogs

I should start a side business. Once again I'm at a friends house watching pets. This is two weeks after having a dachsund (a pet of Tia's friend) at the house for a week and a half (I'm recovering over that trauma still- maybe later I'll talk about it). My current situation warrents no complaint though! I'm in a comfortable setting, have internet, my pets are here, and I'm not far away from work at all. I'll be here till this Friday then back to the ol' homestead for me.

I'm in charge of three dogs (one is my own), three cats (again one is my own), two birds, and a few fish. So far it has been all about the dogs. They run this place like no other!

Louie needs no introduction.

This is Roxy. She's a mamma's girl and clings to me or Jon like no other. She's a real sweetie though it's very hard not to like her.

This is Kita. She's the most mellow of the group. I love her eyes- it's impossible not to get lost in those brilliant orbs.
My hands have been very full as you can guess. However I have round the clock affection and a constant entourage. Not to mention I am not freezing in bed at night- I have learned the meaning of having a three dog night. Thank goodness for a king size bed!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Did It!!

Louie and I graduated the beginner obedience class at The Companion Dog School of Tulsa. Here we are graduation day yesterday.
This is the best quality pic out of the three taken (not on my camera btw). As you can tell, Louie did not want to pose at all nor have a cap on his head. Can't say I really blame the guy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the Dark... Again

No the electricity isn't out, but, the internet is... AGAIN!

To say this is getting old is an understatement. My roomie is supposed to be dealing with it, but, I have my doubts. I know there have been internet issues all around town, so, I guess I shouldn't complain because it's not like I'm the only one going through technology withdrawls. Besides I should be grateful. My studio has the internet and I have a key that gets me in at any hour of the day.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh Sweet Bliss!!

I'mmmmm baaaaaaack!!

Missed ya guys! Thanks for the encouraging words. Though I couldn't acess them at the time, they carried me through this difficult period.

Don't ask me what was wrong wrong with the internet. I truely don't know. However, I do know that I was beginning to seriously consider sitting in parking lots and/or in front of houses to gain back some connection with the outside world.

I am now enjoying feeling up-to-date with the world. I know I can live without the internet I do.

But life is just.... so much better this way. Don't you think?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cut Off


I have no internet at home. Not sure what's going on, but, I have been deprived of FB, emails, blogs for nearly 24 hours at a time- holy moly! It has not been fun.

I'm suffering. But, I think I'll make it.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unintended Brief Hiatus Over

(note: I meant to post this yesterday, but, the internet went out on me!)

Miss me? I missed you all! And to boot, I seriously could hear my blog screaming for attention. I didn't mean to take a week and a half break, but, it happened. I had ended my temporary job and I started to slow the pace of my life down a bit. Guess I needed to catch up on some sleep, breathe, and clear my head.

But, now I'm back! Here's the big news- my promotion will go into effect as of August 15th! I don't have an official title quite yet as major restructing is going on at the studio. However, in general I will be the assistant of the CEO and help run our central location. Essentially I will be doing three or so jobs! It sounds like a lot, and it is. However, I tend to thrive more when I have two or more different projects in front of me. I don't do single tasks over and over very well at all.

With my new position I will be getting paid a monthly salery, taxes will be taken out starting the last quarter, and insurance is on it's way!! Holy moly it's like I'm a big girl now!