Wednesday, March 31, 2010

7 Quick Takes

My aunt does this on her blog and I've always wanted to try it out. So here it is, 7 Quick Takes! ie: random stuff that's happening and/or on my mind.
1. It is 80 plus degrees today. I must get my car's a/c fixed soon the way the temps are going at this rate.
2. I have put off too much at work and at home. Starting to chip away at the to-do list and getting organized- finally.
3. Easter weekend is happening at an unfortunate time as I MUST run errands this weekend or risk derailing next week. I think I have some time management issues.
4. Time management issues? Okay, one more thing to work on. I can do that.
5. Finally laid out my concerns and thoughts about Europe, our relationship, future etc to Jon yesterday and was surprised at how well I slept the night after saying all of that. Obviously keeping things in that long does not for a happy Megan make.
6. I have Irish dance class tonight and my toes are already aching at the thought of learning more hardshoe techniques, drills, and sets. That's okay though, because I will totally be cool once I learn how to do it. (btw those Riverdance kids make it look easy! I was so misled)
7. Where has all the blogging gone? I miss hearing from everyone on a regular basis. Hope everyone's doing alright! I keep refreshing my blogger dashboard to no avail. (Though Lovely wrote a post yesterday that is fab- you should go take a look.)
That was fun! Must be this random again sometime.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Decision

The answer to the question I was pondering earlier is
Absolutely, you all were right and I knew it when I read your comments. Yes, I want to go, live in Europe, and give it a try just because if I don't I'll always wonder, "What if?" I refuse to live my life with regrets weighing me down. I also feel that itch to do it and I'm drawn to go down that path for some reason or another.
Coming to that yes nearly brought me to tears. I felt relieved as if a huge weight floated off of me. The other emotions were a mix of awe, fear, wonderment, and questions galore. I had to talk to Jon about this and I did. Unfortunatly though, telling him left me with even more questions and fears. Jon doesn't exactly share my enthusiasm for galavanting off to another continent. At furthest he'd considering moving to (at least at this point) is Vancouver, Canada.
So... here I am with an idea to go, no clue what I'm getting myself into, and the definite possibility my boyfriend, who I thought I would marry, won't follow. I don't know what this all means for my future at all. However, I do have great, well informed, friends and I hope you don't all mind if I draw strength and knowledge from you fabulous people. Thank you for putting up with me to this point. Hope you don't mind helping me jump on this ride.
Ps- Leo is doing much better! Back to his normal self. Thank you all for the kind comments and Leo appreciates them too. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

This Post Interrupted By...

Of course, the day I was planning to write a blog to fill you all in about the whole Europe, will I make the leap or not, thing Leo gets sick. He wasn't eating, barely drinking water, was lethargic and sleepy, and just not acting the way he usually does. When the diarrhea hit I called Therapetics to report what was going on and dashed off to the vet.
Good news is he's okay, well as okay as a sick puppy can be. The vet, Dr. Spears, gave him a shot with puppy immodium (brilliant name right?) and a course of antibiotics. Several Therapetic doggies have come down with simliar symptoms so we're treating it as if it were a contagious infection. As long as he eats a bit more each day and drinks within the next 24 hours he should be as good as new.
Sorry about the delay of previoiusly mention promised post, but, I figured you all would forgive me for taking care of a sick puppy. Be back soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things Are Looking Up... I'm Looking Forward

It was cloudy yesterday and with those clouds came our first spring storm this morning. Thunder doesn't really bug me much anymore. In fact whenever I wake up to the sound of thunder I often smile and fall back asleep.

Storms happen around here and I've learned to appreciate a storm, especially when the skies clear.
With spring storms come life (and muddy dogs, but, that's another blog another day). Life is everywhere and spring has a way of making you aware that the cycle is on going.

I find that cycle comforting even when it's there overwhelming dark stormy days. Because really it's all part of life isn't it? So why not find a way to make the best of it and forge ahead. Just like Mother Nature does again every single year.

Yesterday when I took these pictures I was in the midst of a small, very personal, storm. After reading what some of you had to say, some serious contemplation, etc I've come out of that with a decision I'm satisfied with, but, at the same time overwhelmed, frightened, and hopeful with too. I'll blog more about that when I have some time, but, thank you all for your comments and sharing your thoughts either here or at your space out there on the world wide web. I do appreciate it so much. You all help me more than you know.
So enjoy these pictures and I hope it gives you a sense of what I'm looking forward to in the future. :) Until then!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What in the World?

*Warning: This post may contain a random stream of conciousness. Reader discretion is advised*
Spring is arriving here in Tulsa and while I am miserable with allergies I cannot help but love the warmer temperatures, soak up the Vitamin D, and smile at all the buds ready to bloom flowers and leaves all around. Ah yes, spring is in the air.
So why with the promise of green and life am I discontent? Perhaps discontent is a strong word. What I want to do is go to Europe. Yes, I'm sure if you've read this blog for any period of time that comes as quite a 'shocker' to you all right? ;-) What in the world? I have a great life here. Great friends, a wonderful boyfriend who will deal with my student loans to cook dinner to get me Zyrtec when I'm all stuffed up (and so on and so forth), pets, an amazing job that allows me time to pursue activities I want to do not to mention I'm actually happy doing, new friends in an art form I've always wanted to pursue....
What is my problem?
I have always wanted to go back to Europe, it has been a long time since I was there last to be exact.. cough... erhm... 10 years and counting. I have old and new friends (shout out to blogland friends!) I would love to visit, sites to see, and just get reacquainted with a continent that has held my interest since I was a little girl. However, as those years away from the continent have built up I've also wanted to hop over there and get settled in for a spell. Whether it would be for grad school, or a job, or to follow Jon who got a job... whatever the case may be I want to go and just see if it suits me.
Is this nuts? Am I running away from something or is this a real 'need'? I've always had an inner bohemian in me, but, to uproot and go over to Europe? That should be crazy right? And yet here I am, despite the many issues that would need to be sorted out, despite the likelyhood I would have to forfeit my car, my comfortable house, lawn, and other conviences I'm used to, not to mention the not so little issue of a boyfriend who is reluctant to move much less move to another country, I am seriously thinking about just doing it. (I promise I'm not trying to endorse Nike here)
When would I do this? My immediate answer to that would be, as soon as I could. I still have to help and raise Leo and get him ready to help someone and of course I am doing things at work. Okay so I really don't know. However, I cannot help but feel the closer I get to the big 3 and 0 the need of moving grows. But, what's with this? Is this something I need to do? Or am I afraid of having a good life here? "What's the dealy-o?" is the question I continue to ask my self over and over again. And of course, I cannot come up with an answer.
So to all you who have something to contribute... what do you think? If you've taken that plunge and moved abroad why did you do it? What are your thoughts about relocating one's life and starting over in another country? Pros, cons, bring 'em on. Any thoughts would be appreciated even if they are ones that tell me I'm nuts.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Wanna Say...

Dear Spring-
I like it when you come around and stay. I enjoy your visits I really do. However, is it really neccessary to bring allergies along? Please reconsider bringing those into the mix as it makes me and many others rather miserable. Thanks so much.

Love Your Puffy Eyed and Stuffed Up Friend,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to Oklahoma Spring!

Yesterday, the last official day of winter, we Oklahomans were enjoying 70 plus degree temperatures, bright clear skies, all indications spring was on its merry way.

Now imagine the mass confusion that has been caused by today's weather:

People are confused as heck, eventhough it's not like the weather here hasn't done this before. Personally, I love the snow and have no reason to be running errands around town so I'm enjoying watching the snow fall down, watching the dogs go nuts in this white stuff, and snuggling up on the sofa relaxing. Gotta admit though, I am really amused with the change. Today's the first day of spring and the temps are going to stay below freezing and we are scheduled for some serious snow today thru tomorrow. Okay, well serious snow for us that is 5-7 inches give or take they're saying. Ah Mother Nature you are one saucy and ironic loving creature aren't you?

This folks is Oklahoma weather at its bi-polar like finest. I admit though, I would enjoy spring's arrival, but, one can't dictate the weather, so, might as well enjoy and make the best out of things.

Friday, March 19, 2010


While spending some time on the couch- I swear it's because of allergies, not laziness- well okay maybe a little laziness is in there, but, mainly allergies I swear- Louie began whining at me to go outside. I didn't want to get up, but, Louie broke me down and I opened the back door to let the puppy dogs out. Much to my surprise I saw this...
Two ducks just chillin' by the pool. I ran back inside to grab the camera, 'cause that's what I do, and rushed by the pool to snap some pics before the dogs noticed.

"Why hello there Mr and Mrs Duck. How are you two doing today?"

Of course this little photoshoot was brief as the dogs realized there were actual live ducks, not toys, nearby. There's Daisy making the first move of attack.

This one's a bit blurry, sorry about that, but, look at Louie. I didn't know it was possible to have one's legs be at that angle without falling over! But, then again I'm a klutz so.... yeah.

And so off went our unexpected visitors. I hope they swing by again for another day by the pool. Doubt it, I'm pretty sure ducks keep some kinda 'don't go there' list which means this house with it's four dogs and three cats would definitely be on it. Ah well, I certainly enjoyed their brief visit!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photo Obsession

I have an obsession with taking pictures of sleeping animals. I would probably take pics of sleeping humans, but, I don't think my roomie and boyfriend would appreciate me slipping into their rooms at night- can we say creeeeepy?
Animals it is then and as I'm surrounded by at least three-four on a daily basis I am fortunate enough to have ample opportunities for a photo shoot. I have honed my 'ninja skills' and am now able to successfuly sneak up on a sleepy and unsuspecting critter without waking them and take more pictures than my hardrive cares for
. I was babysitting this week for Therapectic's Exec. Director's kiddos- her family recently took on a new puppy to raise as a service dog and I could bring Leo with me. With this knowledge I had my camera in hand I went on a veritable photographic spree of the puppies. No worries, I did watch and feed the children when I wasn't taking pictures. I have so many great pictures, but, for now soak up some sleepy cuteness!
Here's the new little guy, Saint. Is this not the definition of adorable?!? I ask you to resist this face. Yeah knew you couldn't! It is simply impossible. ;-)

One thing I cannot get over with Leo is his ability to strike amazing poses and travel when he sleep. Because of this 'talent' I was forced to give in and buy a huge kennel well before he's fully grown so he could be comfortable at night and I could actually sleep through one. I mean look at that- that's just one of like fifty positions he'll sleep in. Not kidding about that number folks, he's a mover and a shaker.

They just look so innocent when they're asleep don't they? Though I swear every time Leo takes a nap he grows more. This pic was taken two days after the previous one and you can tell, eventhough he's curled up, he has grown like a weed on radioactive steriods. I think Leo should be studied- his growth is astounding.

I swear this picture was NOT posed in any way! I was just lucky enough to have the camera in arms reach. Leo again sacked out, on his back, with all that loose skin of his smushed to sharpei-like levels. Once again I had to take a picture, I mean come on! A perfectly still puppy is a hard thing to find.... hmmmm maybe that's why I like taking pics of them asleep so much.

There are those of us who do not appreciate the whole cute sleeping puppy thing. And to be honest I can't blame Louie for the look he's giving me. I mean after all, he's just been used as a body pillow by a 40 some-odd pound puppy and I being the opportunist I am didn't stop him, I just got the camera and started taking pictures lacking any regard to Louie's personal comforts. That's just the kind of pet owner I am.
Come to think of it though, I think I may need some professional help.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's Day!! (And a brief update)

Happy St Patrick's Day to you all! I put on a green sweater this morning, started drinking my coffee (not Irished up though- I'm babysitting and I can't even begin to imagine the issues that would come up if I did that! lol), and later I'm going to put the corned beef on and hopefully have a beer or two. Low key by St Patrick party standards, but, hey I'm in the spirit right?

I am on spring break this week though I've been babysitting every morning since Monday, so, it hasn't felt much like a break. I'm also house/petsitting for Jon's sister again. I wanna get some more sleeping in time as I feel the need for laziness. Once I get some more sleep I think I'll be in the mood to post more. Yes, I know, excuses excuses. I do have a good excuse to be lazy though as I am recooperating some sore and strained muscles from last Thursday's dance class. My body has informed me that it is not as young as the other dancers and why dear God am I trying to keep up with them? Ah well, joys of getting into shape eh?

Speaking of dance, click on this (Kristin Butke School of Irish Dance Performs on Six in the Morning) link to see my teacher K.T. and two awesome young dancers from my class do some Irish dancing. See those costumes and wigs? I may just put one of those on someday! I swear I will fill you all in on the culture of Irish dancing later.

I wish you all a very Happy and Safe St. Patrick's Day!! Do you all have any plans or have special traditions to celebrate this day? Or do you do anything at all? Please share either way!

Edited to Add: Just in case the above link doesn't work out this link should take you directly there.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I'm back after a whirlwind trip to Dallas to experience a feis in person with some of the nicest people in the world. I can't wait to show you all the bad, the good, the interesting, and the fun that is a feis. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of the Boys, who I'm going to take a cue from and get some sleep myself.
Happy Sunday Everyone!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Bright Sun Shiney Day

Facebook status updates from local friends are overflowing with comments on how gorgeous and sunny today is. The air still has a bit of a chill to it, but, when the sun is as bright as it is I don't notice it as much.
Now I do love winter, especially a snowy winter. However I will admit I'm ready for more sun, leaves, warmer temperatures and all that. That's what makes the seasons so great. When they change you're ready for that change, for the world around you to be a bit different, but, at the same time familiar. Ready for the birds to chirp, to take a walk outside, for animals to romp in the yard and play...

Or in Leo's case to see if the lower jaw bone is removable for play. I don't think Louie cares if it's spring or not, he's just probably focused on basic survival.
We all have our different ways of welcoming a new season in eh? How do you celebrate the arrival of spring?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Deep Breath

Taken about a month ago I think this adequately represents how the dogs are feeling about me today. Sorry boys, Mama's gotta get stuff done.
Last night I recieved some awful news from my wonderful person of a boss. Her brother-in-law was flying a small plane that crashed near a small local airport, he and another passenger perished in the crash. My boss and her family were very close to him and his family and they are all devestated and understandably in shock. She is taking a week off of work to deal with the family. Though obviously it is going to take much more than a week to come to terms with what such a tragic and sudden loss.
Since this morning I have not been taking care of work stuff (except for this blog post obviously) nearly non-stop. Within a couple of minutes after I rolled out of bed I have had a steady stream of emails, texts, and calls all in regards to studio needs. Because of this I've had to cancel going to Louie's usual dog training class to take care of stuff. I seriously think he's a bit cranky, but, good Lord I haven't even had a shower yet! Whee!
I have always wondered what all my boss deals with in a day and this is definitely giving me some perspective. Doesn't matter though, biting down on the bullet, taking a good deep breath, and doing everything I can to ensure the studio is fuctioning. I can't wait for dance class tonight to help clear my head. It's going to be quite a busy week if today is any indicator.