Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Thoughts

Thank you for the kind comments about Leo.  He's doing SO much better!  No more swelling, he's walking fine, we're just having to battle some steroid side effects (ie He pees... A LOT!!!).  So, while we are still waiting to know what in the world happened, a sense of normalcy is beginning to return.
Let us take a break from near dog death experiences, and checkout this fabulous picture.  That is a man, a barista (or is it baristo?) who is making coffee for me and my co-workers.  Why is he there you ask?  Well, I will tell you why!  My company thinks it's a very cool and good idea to have some coffee people come in every couple of months and make espresso, coffee, and/or tea drinks for all the employees for FREE.  That's right, all the caffeine we can handle for the morning, at no cost to us.  Amazing.  This company actually thinks that happy workers make productive workers- and keeping their employees happy is a top priority.  Imagine that!
On a side note, I had perhaps the most productive day I've ever had yesterday during coffee day.  Wonder if the two are related?


Sarah said...

Ahhhh... if you have to work, that's the way to do it! Feel better soon!

Sara Louise said...

That's a fantastic perk!
SO SO happy that Leo is getting better :)

Jana Faith said...

What a lovely idea. I know it always means so much when my boss puts a little candy bar in our teacher box or when he has snacks at staff development stuff. Yay for delicious coffee!