Monday, February 16, 2009

Ma Vie En Rouge

This would've been posted yesterday, however, an incident with water and my laptop gave me a hardcore case of paranoia. (If you have taken out two laptops with water you would understand) Fortunatly no damage was done and my laptop is doing fine. Thank you for asking. ;-)

Onto the the pictures!

Truely some of the best chocolates I have ever been given. Jon found them at Whole Foods and we've been sharing pieces of deliciousness.

These tulips are Tia's. I love tulips and this bouquet doesn't disapoint with its vibrant red hues.

This rose is part of a bouquet of eighteen... yes eighteen! Jon took a close up of one of the roses- but I still think it is more beautiful in person. Maybe I should get Photoshop or something? I don't know what's lacking here, but, something is. Still... very red, very pretty, very Valentine's Day.

Yes, I know... doesn't quite follow the red theme. (though in my defense there ARE red flowers on my dress) I only put this photo of me before the big V-day date up because I actually got my hair to do what I wanted!! The unfortunate reality is I will probably never replicate this look ever again.
I think I'm okay with that. Really...

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