Thursday, January 6, 2011

Contented Sigh

Today was one of those days. One of those good days that is. I have nearly caught up on the lost sleep I sustained at the beginning of the week and am beginning to settle back into the daily grind. Today I had energy and more mental clarity and kids seemed to respond to me well. Even Leo seemed more settled in, willing to take naps when I didn't need him to do anything. And when I did need him he didn't fail to perform. When I asked him to lay down with the pre-schoolers during an assembly not only did he lay there until I needed him to move, he tolerated frantic four year old pets, kids in his face, and his ears being pulled in all sorts of giggles. Much to the delight of the little ones, of course!
Then, we had the first class at Therapetics of 2011, and thing there went very well. No, Leo is not perfect, but, I'm able to correct and redirect him well and he gets to what he needs to be doing after that. It is so nice to not have him dig in his heels and refuse to do things now. Today, he [mostly] did what he was told, was walking around with a loose leash, laid quietly for long periods of time (hard for him, he likes to do things and whines when he's bored), and just in general listened well. It seems he is FINALLY getting past the obnoxious teenager phase! YAYNESS!
After class I went down the street to the new studio space our dance school is going to be using. Now that we're our own school my teacher found a place for us to dance in and has put in a dance floor. My shins are rejoicing! It's not a huge space, but, it will meet our needs. I don't know why this excites me, but, it does. I came home and practiced more and had a couple of moments where I saw progress. That gave me some serious encouragement.
I guess, in a nutshell, today is one of those days where I saw and felt progress in areas I often get worried I'm not improving in. Work, Leo, and dance all had little signs that told me, "Hey, you're getting somewhere and doing okay!" It's nice to get days like that isn't it?


Sarah said...

HAPPY! How awesome!

The Pliers said...

Have a nice academic year until Easter rolls around and then you all make the slide into summer vacation!!!

Glad to hear that you got some rest and relaxation and that you are feeling steadier with the children and with Leo!

Caitie said...

Yay! Those are the best days. I had a day like that today too :-)

annelise said...

Yay, I love it when things come together! Makes me feel all giddy.

I've been so lazy when it comes to commenting, but it sounds like you've had a great Christmas and New Years! Here's to another year of blogging! x

Sara Louise said...

YIPPEE!! I love these days. They make all the crap days a bit easier to get through. Cheers to many more good days and contented sighs :-)

Habebi said...

Catie- Yay!! So glad to hear it. I know most of the things I experienced weren't huge epiphanies or anything, but, it was so nice anyways. Hope you have many more of those days coming your way!

Habebi said...

annelise- Welcome back girlie! No worries, I knew you'd return. Hope to see you more in the blog world this year. Happy blogging and New Years to you!

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- Don't they just!?! Hope you're doing well and settling back in!