Monday, June 13, 2011

All Leo, All the Time

That's my Leo! He's so tolerant of the camera.
Let's face it, there can never be enough pictures of Leo right? As far as his training goes, Leo is doing a great job. I am SO proud of his progress. There's always something else to work on, but, he's doing his tasks well, walking on a loose leash, chilling out at restaurants, etc. Right now his biggest problem is that he's bored! As we're not going to school every weekday we're doing a whole lot of nothing between errand running and the private lessons I teach. Guess there are worse problems to have huh?
One of the fun experiences we had together was going to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Site and Museum as well as the Capitol Building with all the fourth grade classes. It was so much fun, even if I had to wake up at 5am and didn't get home until 7pm. Here are some pictures taken by my teacher friend during that day. She has more, but, hasn't given me a disc of them yet, so I just downloaded the ones she posted on Facebook (hence the not so fab quality).
On the bus to OKC. Leo handled the bus like a pro. And how I was able to smile despite the sleep deprivation is nothing short of amazing. Leo on the other hand is a poser. He sees a camera lens pointed at him and he gives the best expressions. I'm so proud he's picked up on that without me having to train it in him.
Leo and I in the Oklahoma Supreme Courtroom. We were given a tour by a local representative which was so cool. You can tell that Leo is pretty wiped out at this point, but, he didn't complain. He just napped at every opportunity. lol
I think this photo is pretty self-explanatory. We were SO tired after all of that activity!! The trip was fantastic though, the bombing memorial and museum brought back a lot of memories for me (I was in 7th grade when it happened) and I was struck at how intensely I remembered the emotions of that time. The moment that was the most emotionally intense, was when we listened to a survivor tell us her story. It was very hard not to cry, but, this woman was so positive about what happened to her. She even visited with Leo which was such an honor for us! Too bad my camera was out of commission. Ah well, we have those memories and the pictures that serve as a reminder of our adventures together.
Leo has his year and a half evaluation this week. I can't believe we only have six months left until he's partnered. I hope to make every moment count and give him enough love and great experiences to get him set for his future partner. I just can't help but think I'm the lucky one though. If it weren't for Leo's training I wouldn't have all these wonderful memories, I wouldn't have benefited from learning how to train him (I've learned to have more patience than I ever thought I could have!), and I wouldn't have been able to help people and students who have benefited from interacting with Leo.
Alright, I better stop gushing before I'm in tears. ;-)

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Sarah said...

You guys have been so awesome together!

Also... those bus pictures make me twitch just a little.