Tuesday, June 7, 2011


One of the major 'events' during my blog absence was the purchase of a brand new car- for ME! I'm sorry I don't have a picture of it right now, the camera lens I bought on Amazon was the wrong type (my mistake). But, the picture above gives you an idea. I got a black Toyota Yaris, two doors just like the one above. It's shiny, and still has that new car smell!
I hated the idea of having to make a car payment as I don't like the thought of being in debt. I already owe part of my soul in college loans thank you very much. However, problems with my old Buick were numerous. So numerous and severe it would have cost more to get it up to snuff than the car was worth. Add another summer without a/c in the car, and that Leo was going to be with me far more, I knew that my options were limited. Jon and I talked about it and agreed to look at a new car, one with a warranty, one that would be reliable, gas efficient, etc, etc. So one Friday evening we beboped on over to a dealership to test drive a Yaris.
Mind you I was SO nervous about going to a dealership to buy a car. I come from a car family. My father pretty much pounded the idea in my head that car salesmen will try to give you the shaft. I am beyond happy to report, however, that I did not have to battle it out with the salesman. In fact he was uber nice, the car was perfect, and finance was willing to give me a very nice, reasonable deal. I bought it the next day. I got all the extra coverage I could as paying a little extra per month for peace of mind is worth it! Oh, did I mention the dealership let me bring both Leo and Louie (who's a pet so, he doesn't have the carte blanche to be in public like Leo) into the dealership?? I wanted to make sure they could fit inside the car (they do) and they were beyond cool about it. How neat is that?
I've had the car for three weeks now, and I L-O-V-E it!! I bought it just in time for the warm-hot summer temperatures. I love a/c... love it. I seriously think it is one of the best inventions out there. Alright, maybe not the best, but, it sure is NICE! I could really go on, and on, about the a/c ,but, I will spare you all that. ;-) It's really nice to have a good reliable vehicle though, my last car was not going to last much longer. In fact, the dealership gave me a whopping $100 for it! That tells you how much of a ticking time bomb it was. What a relief I'm not in it anymore- not to mention not having to pay nearly as much filling it up with fuel.
Getting that car is a major life win. However, not all events have been a 'win'. Life is funny how it balances things out isn't it? More catching up later guys! I have laundry to get to.
ps- Thanks for the welcome back love! It feels great to be back here.


Sarah said...

Wow... I don't think I've ever heard of $100 for a trade-in. That's scary low. I'm glad you have a better, happier, air-conditioned car! WOOHOO!

Habebi said...

Sarah- it was crazy low! I was just happy to be rid of it. I didnt care what they gave me lol The salesman said that was the lowest trade-in he's ever had! Yay for setting records and a bigger yay for a safe car!!

Sara Louise said...

It's soooooooo pretty!

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- thanks girl! I love it, perfect for me right now. Small, cute, and zippy lol

Caitie said...

New car! So great, especially the a/c. Switzerland doesn't know about a/c yet. Not cool (hehe).

Habebi said...

Caitie- That's no bueno! THough I imagine if they had the heat and humidity Oklahoma has they'd change their minds FAST!

Last year I actually got heat exhaustion because of the lack of a/c in my car. Yeah...

Habebi said...
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