Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chipping Away

The great reorganization fest of 2011 has begun. A day late, but, things are rolling along.
Initially I was going to sort through just the tubs I received from my brother. But, Jon caught the bug and started going through the garage yesterday. Unfortunately, he stepped on a nail and it punctured his foot (after going through his shoe), so, a visit to Urgent Care was called for. Jon got a tetanus shot, a prescription for anti-biotics, and we were good to go. Poor thing needed to take it easy for the rest of the day, so 'difficult' for him to do especially after working hard in a hot garage. ;-)
Since Jon started to go through everything in the garage I decided to talk to him, today, about going through more than just the tubs of old stuff I've acquired. I wasn't sure he'd go for a mass purge of junk as he comes from a looooong line of pack rats from both sides of his family. In the end, much to my relief and surprise, he agreed that we will go through the entire house, top to bottom, shed the unnecessary, and reorganize everything else. We've never sorted through stuff, though I have sorted my clothes and donated some every now and then. With Jon's mild hoarding tendencies, my old crap that landed a month ago we really do need to organize and sluff off the junk that serves no other purpose than to accumulate dust. Oh yeah... It's time. Time to let go of the old stuff that holds no more meaning, put away the things that do, and clear some space for new things.
Pictures coming soon of this process. It's going to get a bit messy, literally, but, I can't wait to see the finished product!


Sarah said...

Oh, I *LOVE* purging. I come from a long line of pack rats, too, but there's nothing like seeing empty space on shelves and in closets. Huzzah for getting rid of crap!! (Plus, you can do that in the comfort of air conditioning!)

Caitie said...

Good luck! I do enjoy major purges every now and again. Pizza and beer makes them more endurable, too!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Yes, you are so correct! Half of the tubs are done, one closet gone through, file folders consolidated, books put away, and the coffee table baskets are cleaned out! Such a good feeling. But, oh so much more to do!

Habebi said...

Caitie- Thanks girl! I had some gin last night, beer will be on tap at some point for sure!