Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take A Deep Breath

I work for a studio, technically as a contract employee. This means that my taxes are not taken out for me, so, when tax season comes along I've gotta do it myself. Hasn't been an issue, as I barely made squat- until last year. Last year, much to my delight I had a veritable student boom and made more last year than I had in previous years working for the studio.

Now while all of this is just grand, the having to do my taxes because I'm in a new tax bracket ain't so grand. In fact it's mind numbing. I'm one of those people who WANT to understand what the hell I'm doing! And when I look at deductions, brackets, tax credit, rules and regulations and I feel my soul weeping as my brain starts to short circuit.

Add that with trying to figure out what federal student loan consolidation program I should sign up for and I feel a nervous breakdown slowly edging its way in. I am trying to tell myself, 'Just breathe, one day and one thing at a time... you can do it...'

After I say that the booze begins to really, REALLY look yummy. That's normal... right?

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Sarah said...

YES, it's normal!!! I hate taxes. I highly recommend doing them online... Adam can help if you need him, too. I think he always uses taxact.com since federal is free on that and I believe state is something like $30? LMK.

Now... the part that really sucks is that now that you have made enough to really worry about taxes with your piano job, they're going to send you little cards saying that you have to pay quarterly taxes as an independent contractor (that I can help you with since that is what I have to do). It blows.

No advice on the consolidation program thing, but I do know you CAN do it!