Monday, March 23, 2009

Why I Want One

Keenai, Jon's sister's Rhodesian Ridgeback. She's being camera shy.... or she doesn't like the camera. Not quite sure which.

Ridgebacks are insanely smart, athletic, protective (but not in blindly agressive way), and most importantly very loving and lovable. You need a big couch or space reserved nearby wherever you will park your hiney because they will be there. Oh did I mention that loyalty is a marked trait?How about they are so friggin' cute and fantastic? There's that too. They are gentle giants with amazing temperments. I told Jon as soon as he has his own place he needs to get one. The other dogs will be rescues btw, I just haven't told Jon about those yet. ;-)

1 comment:

ButterCup said...

very cute! I want a dog too, but I don't think my cat would appreciate it much.