Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Stuff Rocks

Sunday, Jon and I made a pitstop at Whole Foods. Jon being the consumate, curious, consumer that he is, saw something and bought it on the spot. It's called 'Pet Grass'. It's grown locally and boasts that it is pesticide free (thus better for your pet's tummy) and it will ultimately attract your pets; meaning all other plants will look like tastless gruel and be left alone.

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical. However, the result speaks for itself:

Both Mina and Oscar won't leave the stuff alone. They LOVE it and feast upon it quite a bit. In fact, yesterday Oscar (the dog for those not in the know) wouldn't touch his food. He just ate and ate the grass! I have had to watch closely to make sure he doesn't gorge on grass and gets balanced nutrition.

Feasting away....

Post-feast... Mina and Oscar have begun the practice of the post-feast nap. Never too far from the precious grass though.

Quick note: So far, Mina has stopped chewing on the peace lily in the other room. I'm very interested in how long that'll last.


Heather said...

That's so neat! Mina is such a pretty girl. Her mama is sitting on the front porch ;) She has Clementine's eyes.

Sarah said...

Fascinating. I can only imagine Adam's reaction if I bought something like that, though. Actually, I can hear it now, "You bought the cats GRASS? Why not just let them outside?" And then of course he'd be worried the whole time the cats were inhaling the stuff that we'd soon have green urp. In fact, I may just get some just to watch this reaction. I'm evil like that!

Habebi said...

@Heather Thank you! I can't believe Mina is almost one!! Thank you so much for taking care of Clementine, for if you didn't I wouldn't have this funny grey bundle of fluff.

@Sarah You know what Adam would say I was thinking too. However, it has gone well so far. Oscar is the only one who has thrown up, but, he's in the middle of food changes, antibiotics, so his tummy's pretty sensitive. I don't know if that helps. If you do get some let me know what happens. :-)