Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Life is Going to the Dogs

I should start a side business. Once again I'm at a friends house watching pets. This is two weeks after having a dachsund (a pet of Tia's friend) at the house for a week and a half (I'm recovering over that trauma still- maybe later I'll talk about it). My current situation warrents no complaint though! I'm in a comfortable setting, have internet, my pets are here, and I'm not far away from work at all. I'll be here till this Friday then back to the ol' homestead for me.

I'm in charge of three dogs (one is my own), three cats (again one is my own), two birds, and a few fish. So far it has been all about the dogs. They run this place like no other!

Louie needs no introduction.

This is Roxy. She's a mamma's girl and clings to me or Jon like no other. She's a real sweetie though it's very hard not to like her.

This is Kita. She's the most mellow of the group. I love her eyes- it's impossible not to get lost in those brilliant orbs.
My hands have been very full as you can guess. However I have round the clock affection and a constant entourage. Not to mention I am not freezing in bed at night- I have learned the meaning of having a three dog night. Thank goodness for a king size bed!

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Dedene said...

The dogs sound like they are easy to care for. You should start a house-sitting business, you'd probably make a fortune!