Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for an Intervention

My life is all over the place. Scattered to the four winds it seems. I have to get some stuff going for my new position at work, transfer numbers to my new business phone, get forms to take care of the never-ever-ever will end student loan drama, figure out how in the yayhoo I'm going to handle my new position and the private lesson load that keeps piling on, and...


That's right my friends, I'm still without much needed contact with the outside world. Not to mention my new job requires me to be able to access the internet at any time. This past weekend I played Spider Solitaire for hours on end, which isn't that healthy come to think of it. So, I'm getting my b*tch on and having an intervention with my roommate. This has got to change. If you hear on the news that a young Tulsa woman has been arrested for attempted roommate-cide you know who's involved. Wish me luck!

On a side note- I miss you all!

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Sarah said...

ROFL! Good luck with it all, girl! Let me know if you need an evening escape for coffee!