Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unintended Brief Hiatus Over

(note: I meant to post this yesterday, but, the internet went out on me!)

Miss me? I missed you all! And to boot, I seriously could hear my blog screaming for attention. I didn't mean to take a week and a half break, but, it happened. I had ended my temporary job and I started to slow the pace of my life down a bit. Guess I needed to catch up on some sleep, breathe, and clear my head.

But, now I'm back! Here's the big news- my promotion will go into effect as of August 15th! I don't have an official title quite yet as major restructing is going on at the studio. However, in general I will be the assistant of the CEO and help run our central location. Essentially I will be doing three or so jobs! It sounds like a lot, and it is. However, I tend to thrive more when I have two or more different projects in front of me. I don't do single tasks over and over very well at all.

With my new position I will be getting paid a monthly salery, taxes will be taken out starting the last quarter, and insurance is on it's way!! Holy moly it's like I'm a big girl now!


Sarah said...

WOOHOO! I'm so happy for ya!

Habebi said...

Thanks!! This'll be the first time I've had insurance since 2002!!