Friday, February 5, 2010

Lifting the Suspense

Sorry, I've been busy and tired and all that. Didn't mean to keep you all in dire suspense over my little announcement about the possibility of me and Leo being on the tele. Without any pomp and circumstance here's what went down in a nutshell.

Tuesday part of the film crew and one of the celebrity designers of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" came to Therapetics to film a segment as they were in Tulsa (ironically in my neighborhood) to rebuild a home. The reason they specifically sent people to our office is the young boy who's family was getting the new home has Prader-Willi Syndrome along with other issues. He will be partnered with a service dog trained to be attuned to tics, sounds, and other triggers and this dog can help to curb anxiety and/or other potentially destructive behaviours for this boy hopefully helping him to leave a more normal life and take the pressure off of his family.

The organization that trains dogs for neurological issues is based in Tennessee, so they were flown in to Tulsa and interviewed at Therapetics while we trained our dogs in the background, showed them what our dogs are trained to do, etc. Suffice it to say it was really, really neat and Leo, being the cute puppy o' love that he is, attracted quite a bit of attention. So, we may end up on national tv. Or not. You never know what is going to be cut out so we shall see.

Of course, I didn't take one single photograph!! I know what the heck right?! In my defense I was rather distracted with Leo and all the attention he got and making sure he went to the bathroom, and so on that I just didn't think to whip out my camera and start taking pics. So I beg your forgiveness and I promise I'm working on getting some photos from other people (who obviously were thinking far more ahead than I). As soon as I can show you all what went down I will.


Dedene said...

How cool! I guess I didn't realize that you were training Leo to be a helper dog.

Too bad Extreme Makeover didn't come to do your house.

Habebi said...

Hi Dedene- yes, Leo is a service puppy in training. The cause is such a good one and I love dogs so it is a great combination for me! Louie and Leo are best buds too, so all is working out well.

Yes, wouldn't it have been nice to get a new house? I realize we rent our house, but, it needs a makeover bad!

Sarah said...

Here's more fun: My friend Krystal's husband knows the family whose house was being built! So they were volunteers... they may be on TV, too! I love things like this :)

Habebi said...

Sarah- Awesome! I swear half of Tulsa was in someway involved and/or connected to that homemakover. Very cool that they volunteered!