Sunday, February 28, 2010

Current State of Things

Currently oh so sleepy and tired. Had friends over last night, got to bed later than normal, and then slept like crap. Today my back and some of my ribs hurt which I think happened when I had a severe bout or two, well okay it was three, of the hiccups. The picture above reflects what I'm doing right now, sitting on the couch, occasionally closing my eyes, and being an utterly useless lump.
Wow that makes me seem rather boring.

Despite the urge to stare blankly at the tv and become somewhat devoid of all feeling,I finally decided to blog, convincing myself you all were dying to see how Leo is growing and what he's doing. 'Cause you are right? As you can tell, he's quite the adorable mutant. His weight is steadily climbing towards the forty pound mark (he's almost 14 weeks btw). I feed him Eukanuba, the reccommended portions, and just grows and grows. At least he still has that precious puppy face. He really is a sweetie, quite the cuddle bug too. He's rather smart and able to do things, except for when I take him to our one-on-one dog training lessons at Therapetics. Ha! All bets are off when we're there and he acts absolutely wretched. Friday he was actually barking in my face despite every mean voice I could conjure up and two 'time-outs' (yes, I put my dog in time out and the little toot still threw fits!).
Did you know dogs could throw hissy fits? I haven't really experienced this before so I was quite beffudled. Naturally he hasn't done anything remotely close to a fit since, so I dunno. I think I just need to work on training a bit longer at home and not get so intimidated when I'm in front of people. I don't want to sound too mean you know? Afraid that may come across wrong- I bet he can sense that. You think? I mean I know children can be quite capable of smelling weakness and thus test every boundary possible. Perhaps puppies do the same too?
Either way I'm probably the one to blame. Greeaaattt.... feeling really confident about this puppy raising thing lol. Let's not even begin on starting a family, I don't wanna. And as long as I put my fingers in my ears and scream, 'Lalalalalalala!!!' I don't have to think, talk, nor hear about it.
Yeah I know. I'm real mature huh?

The not so little cutie, looking extra cute, while probably plotting his next fit to show what a horrible 'mom' I am.
Despite what feels like a stepback or two, the one-on-one sessions have been a success. I've learned more to address how Leo needs to learn in just a day than three sessions with the before mentioned trainer, dubbed, "Drill Seargant Jane". It's a major relief and the director wants me to write what I went through down and send it in an email for documentation. After going through some guilt (because I really do like trying to get along with people!) I really don't have an issue with this as I realized the last thing this amazing organization needs is volunteers being so frustrated with the training they quit. I will play my small part in helping this organization grow even if it means calling someone out on their teaching methods. Not what I expected, but, hey life sometimes asks you to do the unexpected right?
In other news, work is going well, and I've been loving Irish dance class and am trying to get to more classes in the week. It's just too much fun, a great way to forget what's going on in the day and just workout and focus on dance, and not to mention I have some of the nicest classmates in the freakin' world! One of them is actually allowing me to hitch a ride to a feis in Dallas and share the hotel room so I can go see what this whold dance competition thing is about without having to spend a whole lot. Another classmate has lent me an older pair of ghillies (softshoes) so I can get used to them and not dance on the tile floor barefoot and so on and so forth.
Hmmm... guess I'm lucky huh? Despite the drama, the ups and downs of daily life, I can't help but look over this entry and think how lucky I am to have all of this going on in my world. Weird huh? Now, if I can get my taxes in order and somehow get to travel abroad this year things will be golden. Alright, so I can't help but wish for a little more. Keeps one motived right?


Sarah said...

That dog is a MOOSE. Moose, I tell you. No wonder he doesn't want to obey when he's in public. What self-respecting moose wants people to know he's OBEDIENT, of all things???

I'm so glad everything else is working out so beautifully for you! Miss you! We need to get together and have another crashing of girls here soon. Is that a term? A crashing of girls? Like a gaggle of geese?

Clearly I should shut up now. Love you!

Habebi said...

LoL I know right?!? He's massive, like just growing without consideration to my having to deal with a three month old moose. Why is it when I get animals they are larger than expected?

Crashing of girls works for me! Love that term. Yes, we need a crashing of chicas soon. Let me know what your schedule is looking like and make this thang happen. ;-)

Love ya too girl!

Clouds said...

Yes please - blog and update! Leo is so adorable!

Glad to here that things are going well. Irish dancing sounds like fun. And it's a fantastic way to keep fit! Have a good week ahead.

Sarah said...

Yup, I'll take a look-see and figure out when we can have this. I've gotta figure out when I'm going up to Kansas for Spring Break/grandma's birthday and then I'll know more. Will shoot you a line when I do!