Sunday, April 24, 2011

In Which Reality Crashes the Party... And It's Ok

State standardized testing began last week and with it came the loss of all my energy. Things are crazy at the school as 3rd-5th grade classes have to be moved around to different classrooms so we can test individuals with learning disabilities and small groups of English language learners. The change in the schedule has caused the children to collectively go 'whhhheeeeeee!' and it takes a lot of extra energy to deal with that. To add to the energy drain I have a shadow now. An emotionally disturbed kid who I've built a good para to student relationship with gets to hang out with me all day and when he has his tests I monitor with his teacher. Without expanding on that, let's just say I have been very mentally and physically drained at the end of each school day.
I last left off with thoughts of going to Europe and needing advice on how to make it happen quick. In retrospect, I should've been a wee bit clearer why the sudden entry. I had a price alert on plane tickets to Paris from a couple of departure points I could get to easily, and when I got an email saying that ticket had dropped to a feasible price my trip, which I had written off due to loss of income (blizzard and surgery), seemed possible again. It seems though I jumped the gun a bit. My accountant came back to me and my 2009 taxes were going to cost me- BIG time! Well, for me big time. Mind you we got things to a much more reasonable level, but, still I have to say bye, bye to some mula.
Then, as if that wasn't jarring enough, I had car expenses come up, a traffic ticket, and I managed to break the camera lens and will need to purchase a new one soon. Yes, right now I can't even take pretty pictures because of my wonky depth perception. Blergh. So, I've taken the Mack truck like hint from the universe and put off my Europe trip plans for now.
I am bummed about this. But, I think things will work out for the best though (sans Europe, but, Europe will still be there!). Jon and I have done a lot of talking and we are going to combine forces taking care of bills and working to save up for a wedding and such. Yeah, that's kinda exciting! lol If what we are planning works I will manage to save, at least, a couple of hundred bucks per month. Jon is looking to get a new job, and while that may not happen for awhile he's coming out of his rut and we are making progress towards starting our lives together.
I've also begun exploring the idea of getting certified to be a teach as it is a easier to do for me because I'm a para with a university degree. Why would I do this? Well, I've figured out that while I do have dreams of being abroad one day, it's some steps away. Nothing seemed right for a reason, I have some steps to go up before I get to that point. If I work as a teacher I make a bit more than I do now (salary is a LOT better than hourly) and get the added benefit of reduced student loan repayment. Mind you, nothing is set in stone right now. Either way, I need to start making some kind of progress towards my future instead of dreaming about the possibilities without rolling the dice to get the game started.
Oh don't get me wrong, I will be traveling in the future. Maybe not when I want to (heh like now), but, it will be soon. It's nice that I've managed to gain a lot of perspective, but, not feel bitter about it. More stuff is going on, but, I think I've babbled on long enough. Man have my entries been long winded lately! lol I hope you are well and if you don't hear from me for another week it's because of those crummy state tests sucking my life force to critically low levels. No matter what though, I will be back, talking about this and that, hopefully taking pictures soon, and soaking up what's going on with you my amazing blog friends.


Sarah said...

Wow! You've had a LOT on your mind lately! I'll text you sometime this week; we should try to get together again soon, before we get in the rut of NOT seeing each other again. I miss hanging out! Hang in there. Testing can't last forever.

Caitie said...

Planning a wedding is awesome! I emailed you some travel ideas that may come in handy for a future honeymoon ;-)

BridgyM said...

Are you offically engaged now? Or are you just on the road there cause its great to hear that you to are finally going to take the plung together. And on an even more positive note you can travel with John in Europe on your honeymoon and share the experience with your hubby it will make it even better to share what you love with the person you love. LOL Look at me getting all mushy!

Habebi said...

Sarah- You are NOT kidding. It's been nuts, but, I mean it's good stuff is getting sorted out right? We do have to hang, this weekend is pretty open in comparison to others so let me know! Luv ya babe!

Habebi said...

Caitie- It's exciting to think about! Nothing is official yet, just unofficial in that we are definitely wanting to take that step together and save for it. Jon told me a ring is on the way and that he wants to save for a wedding, which in Jon speak might as well be official.

Thanks for the emails! I have gotten them, but, haven't responded quite yet. Hang with me I'll get around to it in time! Take care hun!

Habebi said...

BridgyM- Hey girl! We are unofficially engaged and officially on the road to take the plung together. Jon says a ring is on the way and for him that's HUGE! That is a committment statement right there and that is what I needed to be willing to take the reigns of saving up together and getting things rollin!

Love the mushiness btw! You know me, a softie and romantic at heart! Hope you're doing well chica and hope to see around here more. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. ;-)