Sunday, May 1, 2011

When It Rains It Pours, Literally and Figuratively

The weather for the past two weeks here in the OK have been wet and stormy. Before the rain came we were actually experiencing an unusual spring drought. There were wild grass fires all over the state and talk that the wheat harvest wasn't going to make it. Well, Mother Nature woke up and holy crap did we get soaked! Storms have been producing up to golf ball size hail (as my car will testify to) and tornadoes have come. Nothing as bad as Alabama and Mississippi thank goodness. Still, it has been interesting and that's just how it goes in Oklahoma. When it comes to weather, expect the unexpected.
With these storms dumping on us it seems that the universe has decided to dump on people as well. I'm not just talking about me, but, others around me that have been experiencing a wide range of 'life challenges'. At work we've been going through the difficulties of state testing, which we finally finished last Friday praise the Lord! But, along with it we've lost a teacher who resigned out of the blue. Another employee, who's son has a brain tumor, found out that the medicine to keep the tumor from growing after its removal would cost nearly $1000.00 per month. A cost, she obviously cannot afford. Kids have been wild, teachers moody and stressed, have added to the strained environment.
For me, the week hit a huge bottom when the kid who was shadowing me was told by his mother that he wasn't allowed to be around Leo and thus me. She is under the impression that Leo makes his asthma issues worse! Can you believe it? They have a family dog at home, he's been around Leo all year, bonded with him and such and she decides to pull this. She's not thinking of it's spring in Oklahoma and the allergies are horrendous. Yeah, explain that one to me. I was gutted, absolutely gutted. The kid too was very upset. Such an emotional blow for both of us and his teachers who have worked with him and me to build a relationship with him and get him to where he is now. Leo was the ice breaker and has continued to serve a positive role for this student. It maybe unusual to some, but, it has worked brilliantly. Then in one day, it looked like all was gone as we have no choice, but, to obey a parents wish even when it doesn't make sense.
However, there good news came. We managed to resolve the situation somewhat. Mom is now ok with me being in the classroom for a period of time to help out, but, she does want him to stay away from the dog as much as possible. I believe she realizes that her initial statement was inaccurate as her son's asthma acts up majorly when he's outside and active, but, she doesn't want to completely admit to being wrong. Just my humble opinion. What a rollercoaster ride! I'm still on edge though, what if he has an asthma attack again like he had when he didn't take his morning medicine and his mother asks about Leo? I know the whole situation sounds silly, but, we often deal with parents who get something stuck in their head and hold us at this school accountable. We have had more than one angry parent at our school giving us a hard time for situations that their child started. Yet, it's our fault in the end. Most of the time the threats end up empty, but, it goes to show how little respect and authority we're given as educators (by some, not all). It's frustrating and I hope I and the rest of us can make it to the end of the year without too much grief from parents.
There are only 25 school days to go. May is going to get crazy busy. Jon's 30th birthday is tomorrow, there are more birthdays coming soon for both our families, of course the studio recital is coming up, Jon's work is going on a float trip later in May, both of us are volunteering to help out at a Therapetics fundraiser, and the list goes on! I think I'm ready for the flood, but, I just hope it won't exhaust me as much as these past two weeks at work have! Here's to making it through another crazy May!


Dedene said...

Dealing with parents must be a trial. Just because they have kids doesn't mean that they are intelligent.
Poor Leo, he only wants to do good.
Happy Birthday to Jon. And Happy May!

Sarah said...

Ohhhhh ech. Serious flooding. *puts metaphorical gun to head and pulls imaginary trigger* What a rough time. Poor kid! I can't imagine being forcibly separated from something that made him so happy! :( Thank heaven it's coming to an end. Hang in there. Lemme know if you ever want to escape. I'm around.

Caitie said...

Oh, dealing with the parents was always the worst. You'd have a really shitty kid in class and wonder, "hmm why is s/he this way?" Then you'd meet their mom or dad.


Kudos to you for investing in such a difficult job. Buy some water wings to keep afloat the flood ;-) Or some wine.