Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catchin' Up

I know, I've been so neglectful. Usually I try to post every other day, but, obviously that hasn't happened. So (drumroll please) here's an update on what's been going on in my world:

-Student loan consilidation. I recieved my first notice about paying some of my loans back and Citi (which I have a couple of private loans and all of my unsubsidized Staffords through) wants me to pay nearly $4,400 dollars/month starting next month. LOL!!! No worries though, I'm working on loan consilidation and apps are on hold until July 1st when new interest rates/laws take into effect. So we'll see what Citi has to say after that.

-Working nearly thirty hours a week has been interesting. A little bit tiring, but, I do feel productive. I actually used Saturday to run errands and clean house because I just had to do something! Today laundry is on the to-do list. I know, exciting- you totally wish you were me.

-Louie's doing great, growing and eating lots. He'll be starting obedience class a week from this Wednesday. Being part collie I think this will be be good for us.

-The a/c isn't working in my old car. And with temps getting into the 90's that hasn't been so fun. It's either the vaccum hose again or something more sinister. To be continued...

-Uncle Sam informed me that my tax forms were incorrect. However that's a good thing! I was told I qualified for the EIC rebate. All I had to do was send in one form and in few weeks I'll get a check! Yes, Uncle Sam told me that I needed to be given money!! Now that was unexpected.

-Teaching piano lessons so far this summer has been a pain. Students haven't been showing up. In fact I went to work Thursday to teach four lessons and NO ONE showed up! I like to teach 'my' kiddos! I hope next week will be better.

-I'm typing this post sans caffiene. I'm working on correcting that, however, if this post seems really scattered and full of typos. You now know why.

Happy Sunday!

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Sarah said...

1. Good luck on the consolidation. Seeing that number nearly made ME crap my pants. Oi!
2. Yay for work! ;)
3. Yay for Louie! Hope the classes go well!
4. Keep us updated on the car situation.
5. Yay for extra money, especially when there's a car situation.
6. Can you call the parents the day before like doctors do? Cause... what a time waste!
7. Seems fine to me. Glad to hear you're doing well!