Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Louie's Story

I've been a bit AWOL lately, it's been nothing personal I've been a wee bit tired and a wee bit busy with work and a wee bit consumed by this:

As you guys know, Jon and I drove out to Tuttle Saturday and brought Louie home. I was nervous, excited, and even was possessed to go out and buy a harness, treats, and chews for a dog I wasn't even certain I was going to adopt!

When we arrived at Rebekah's (his foster mom) I met her husband outside and he showed me into the kitchen. I walked in and saw Louie sprawled on the floor. My first thought was, "Oh my God he's even cuter in person!" As I started going down to the floor to pet him he came up on my lap and began licking my face. It was sealed at that point. I signed the papers, wrote the check, and profusely thanked Rebekah for waiting for me to see him. She had recieved a lot of calls about him, but, felt that we were the right fit for him.

Can you believe it? Louie was dumped in the middle of nowhere in western Oklahoma as a small puppy. He was taken to a shelter in Burn Flats and nearly forgotten. Somehow Best Friends of Pets in OKC discovered him and called Rebekah. They told her that he was going to be euthanized in 24 hours if he wasn't picked up. She drove some two hours away to pick him up and took care of him till he was healthy enough to be adopted. An email that she sent out somehow landed in Jon's inbox in Tulsa and events went from there. Such a random chain of events!
And here we are. Now he's with us, happily playing, chewing, and soaking up all the attention and love he can get. I'm currently in the process of spoiling him rotton. Writing out Louie's story brings tears to my eyes because I know he was the lucky one- not all animals, even puppies and kittens, are rescued and/or adopted in time. So if you are able to go and get a rescue please do. They know you are giving them a second chance. They understand that they are lucky and because of what you did, and the love you give them, they will provide you unconditional love everyday that they breathe.
But in the end... you will be the lucky one. Just like me.


Anonymous said...

He is too cute. What a face! Looks like he's part collie. He'll make a wonderful friend. Bienvenue Louis XIV!

Habebi said...

Merci Dedene! I know isn't that face precious? I have to work hard to not give that cute face whatever he wants! And yes, he is part collie and they think corgi too. My vet said maybe sheltie or golden retriever too- but there's no way to be sure. Either way he's a cutie and a keeper! (oh and thank you for spelling Louis the French way- I wanted to do that, but, knew if I did everyone would be pronouncing his name wrong!)

Sarah said...