Monday, October 26, 2009

Let the Exorcism Begin

The Power of Clorox Compels You!!
Okay the bad news first, there is mold in the house. However, there is great news. The mold was found only in one place- the basement. Specifically, on a couple of wood timbers that makes the ceiling of the basement and the base of the above level's floor. The mold levels are well within the 'threshold' and thus, can be easily removed without much fuss. (hey I made a rhyme!)

So yay!! Mold in one spot, a spot that was tested at the last minute 'just in case'. The rest of the house checked out. We're getting estimations on the mold exorcism, but, everything else is go. Inspections are being scheduled and I am praying to all who can help that they'll be as smooth as this! Also, hoping we can wrap all this stuff up and close in the next couple of weeks. Beyond happy and relieved that we are over this big hurdle.


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Ek. The mould makes me hair stand. ELIMINATE!