Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yes Another "Stay Tuned" Entry

Seriously, do you ever tire of these, "wait and see" posts? You don't?! Excellent.

So I as I said we planned on bidding adieu to the house, and we did. Monday the contract was canceled. It was a major bummer and we really didn't want to, but, it was neccessary as our time frame is just too limited to wait and see what'll happen.

Today we put a bid on another house. Yes I realize it has only been roughly 36 hours since we said, 'buh bye' to the other house. I swear it's not like we were ready to jump to bidding on another house so quickly! It just so happened that Sunday Jon's sister saw a house, in a historic district, that had been recently reduced as it had been on the market since June. We did the look through Sunday night, Monday his father and sister came over, and yesterday his uncle (an architect) looked through it. That's right folks, to buy a house with Jon's family there is a three visit minimum requirement.

The verdict? Everyone loves it. The only catch is that it needs updating- like kitchen, bathrooms, knock out a wall here and there sorta way. That said, however, it is in great condition especially considering it is 84 years old! Jon is actually gun-ho, getting out of his long 'funk', and wants to go for it. Holy crap! I've been sick and wasn't quite prepared for a renovation house, but, I've warmed up to it and if we did do it- boy howdy would we get some money back.
The contract was sent in this morning... and now we wait- again! Stay tuned!


Sarah said...

Fingers crossed for you!! If you guys wind up needing a kick-ass contractor to help with any of that renovation, let me know! I highly recommend the guy who did my bathroom - great Christian man, awesome work, great prices... and a TU grad to boot!

Habebi said...

If all goes well then yeah I maybe giving you a hollar for his name! He did such a good job w/your bathroom!

Sarah said...

He really did! And I have his name and number available if/when you ever need it. One of my other friends had him come out for a quote when she was looking to add an entire room to her house. He didn't get it but ONLY because a personal friend's husband gave them a massive discount. The cost difference wasn't even all that big in the end, either. :)