Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Start to October

Today is the day October begins as well as the office hours at my studio. So, to get things started on the right foot I wake-up late. Okay, no biggie, I'll just get there 15 mins late- max. It's not as if I have a boss waiting for me to come. Alrighty, so, get pets food and get me coffee- oh yes, and food too. Next step is to wash hair, pick out an outfit, let the dogs out for one last romp. Wait, better check on the puppies as it's too quiet in the yard.

Go out into the yard and realize the wind blew the gate wide open and the dogs are nowhere in sight. Start panicking, run into the front yard in bathrobe with wet hair and begin calling for dogs while workmen across the street look at you in confusion. No dogs? Okay now start freaking out. Frantically run back into the house, grab cell, dog treats, and keys. Run out of the house (still in the bathrobe), get in car, call boyfriend for back-up, begin driving around the block and the next street over.

Still no dogs- okay now for the meltdown. Drive back towards the house and- SWEET RELIEF!! There they are!!!!! The workmen across the street try to corale the escape artists up. Throw your car into park before it comes to a full stop (I'm sure the transmission LOVED that!) get the treats and tempt one dog to you. Louie gets captured, but, the spritely 8 pound dachsund seems to be having fun playing hard to get.

Okay- so now, let cute workman in your neighbor's yard hold the big dog while attempting to catch Oscar. Insert two other workman, a neighbor running after his dog, to the chaos. Catch neighbors dog, but, not your roomie's dog. Give dog to neighbor, continue playing cat and mouse with the I-swear-he's-on-speed dog. Finally run him over to a fence where another dog is barking, lunge after him, thank God you have some shorts on under the robe, get both dogs, profusely thank workmen, go inside, call boyfriend to tell him things are alright, rush to get ready, and throw dogs in the cages.

I got to the studio and began office hours 35 mins late. All things considered not too shabby.

At least the dogs, and the workmen, had a fun start to October. How did yours go?

Edited to add-

This is how I ended my first day of October

Giving my poor cat Mina a bath after she got a fly trap strip (you know the sticky ones) stuck all over her body. Today wasn't a great day- but, I think Mina had it far worse.


Sarah said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh GOD, and you KNOW the workmen had a great laugh about that ALL DAY. Thanks for sharing - I needed that tonight! Love you!

Also... pooooor Mina... damned curiosity just won't quit, will it? ;)

Clouds said...

Oh, what a sorry looking cat. Poor thing!! :)

marienjapan said...

Sounds like you run a pet shop. :D

I haven't had a workday like that. Most of those things happen on my weekends. Glad you found the puppies though!


Dedene said...

Bwahha! So funny. I bet it wasn't funny to you, but I can just see you outside in your bathrobe frantically running around.

Good ole' Louis! The cat looks real pleased.

Habebi said...

Sarah- Glad I could provide a laugh or too. I can only imagine what those workmen where saying the rest of the day. I keep trying to avoid getting out of the house when they are outside. Lame, but, the wounds are still pretty fresh lol.

Clouds- I know she works the pathetic! She was surprisingly cooperative during the ordeal, guess she really didn't want sticky fly trap goo on her.

Marie- I do run a mini pet shop! Always crazy fun with three four legged animals running around here.

Dedene- It was so not funny during, but, I am starting to gain a sense of humor about the thing. I mean yeah how can you not laugh when you're fresh out of the shower, in a bathrobe, chasing dogs in front of workmen?! And yes, Mina wasn't the happiest kitty, but, she got really sweet later on. Maybe she appreciated smelling clean rather than smelling like fly trap goo? We'll never really know.