Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quick Update (ie.I'm Too Tired to Write a Real Entry)

So inspections have gone well with the house. I am beginning to wonder, however, if there is life after buying a house? Do homes really become this all consuming? Does this get better or worse after the ink dries on the dotted line?

Really if you have some input, it would be most welcome. I'm a bit battle weary!

Looking forward to other subjects for entries ahead,

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Sarah said...

Well... after you sign on the dotted line and pay out the yin-yang for closing fees AND manage to make the first few months of mortgage payments, then it seems to go smoothly. Until something breaks. As things inevitably do. And then there's the remodeling, which eats time like there's no tomorrow. Sooooooo yeah... homes are pretty time-consuming, but the worst part is definitely the waiting before you get one! And there are great periods in between things breaking where you just get to enjoy it... but of course that's when you discover new stuff to remodel and/or fix! ;) (((HUGS)))