Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Little Secret

I have something to share- I dread my birthday. Yes, it's true. The dread I feel has nothing to do with age, nope- I mean age is a number and when it comes down to it I will be young at heart as long as I still breathe on this planet.

I dread my birthday because I never know what'll happen on the day in question. As I am estranged from my parents I don't get any talks about what we're going to do on that day, or how we'll have a family gathering to celebrate on or around my birthday- nada. It feels as if no one has any reason to want to celebrate my entry into this world. So, I get myself all in a 'mood' about my bday trying to set myself up for disappointment.

And every birthday since the estrangement has been great. So really, I should get OVER IT!

Case in point, yesterday I recieved dozens of FB messages wishing me happy birthday. As little as it sounds, I was touched. No one really has to take the seconds/minutes out of their life to do that and that's why I appreciate it so much. My massage therapist gave me a free massage to start off my bday, Jon's sister took me out to lunch, my roomie made muffins and cupcakes, and to top it all off Jon arranged for a surprise bday party at a sushi restaurant in town! My 28th year started off fabulous and I cannot express how much I appreciate my friends who in little and big ways made me feel I am someone special.

And now you see... I really should get over my pre-bday funk.


Sarah said...

Yes, you should :p ;)

The Pliers said...

I wonder if perhaps the most important part of this post was not the simple sharing of your feeling of apprehensiveness as concerns your birthday's arrival.

It sounds like once it gets here it's pretty damn nice for which I am delighted!

Your birthday is one day before that of my husband's youngest daughter and 6 days after his own. It will now be very hard for me to forget it!


Habebi said...

Pliers- right on! Thank you for the kind comment. And happy belated birthday to your hubby!

lovelyinlux said...

Oh my goodness, I've never heard of anyone dreading their birthday besides me, and for the same reason! I've been disappointed on so many birthdays now that I just try to expect NOTHING. And it usually turns out pretty well. Happy belated 28th birthday!! I'm glad you enjoyed it after all!