Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Computer is finally up and running... my connection with the world has been reestablished.... all is right in the universe.


Dedene said...

Oh no! You had computer problems again? Glad you're back on-line.
What's happening with the house?

Habebi said...

Bonjour Dedene!
Yes, but, not so much the computer as the battery charger. I lost an attatchment to my chord and couldn't charge my dead laptop. We searched everywhere and weren't able to locate the part. No worries though, a quick trip to Best Buy saved the day.

The house situation is going well... just turning in all the paperwork and seeing what the owner will agree to fix (we're thinking mainly the electrical problems) and if that goes well Jon will sign in no more than two and a half weeks. So things are about done there! Thank goodness for that!

Oh happy blogaversary btw! Sorry I couldn't send those wishes on the day of. Hope you are doing well! à bientôt!!