Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adventures In Raising Leo

Don't be fooled, this sweet face can mean trouble.
After yesterday's blog post I left to Owasso, got lost thanks to road construction, but, made it to my new hairstylist there. Normally, I wouldn't go so far for a simple haircut especially while recovering from a virus, but, my friend and stylist rocks my hair like no other so it's definitely worth any commuter related troubles.
After my stylist touched up my highlights (yes, I highlight, keeps my hair from going two toned when there's not so much sun outside to lighten my hair's natural highlights) I looked at my phone and saw a call from Jon. Odd. Right as I was about to call him back, he called me. I knew immediately something was up.
Leo in a fit of boredom and lack of rawhide bones decided to climb into the bathtub and look for something to gnaw on. The object he selected was a razor- one of those cool five bladed ones that shave a man's face really nice. Jon managed to catch him doing this, fished out the bits of blades out of his mouth, BUT, two blades were not accounted for. Merde.
Several frantic phone calls later, driving back to Tulsa in about 13 minutes (after my hair was finished, at least Leo had good timing), picking up Jon and Mr. Chomps-A-Lot, and driving to the south side of Tulsa in less than 15 minutes, we arrived at the vet clinic where Leo was whisked away to the back right away for x-rays. I told Jon if Leo had to have surgery AGAIN I would lose it. I swear I was suffering a bit of PTSD sitting in the waiting room of the vet clinic wondering if Leo would be OK. I was taken back to June when I waited anxiously at the emergency vet clinic to hear if Leo's leg was ruined forever.
Fortunately, just like June there was good news. Leo wisely did not swallow the blades. So, no surgery, no recovery period, and no further set backs. Though I am still in the process of forgiving Leo for the minor heart attack I went through, I am beyond relieved that we have once again dodged the worse case scenario bullet.
Let's just hope we don't have to do any more bullet dodging. Right Leo??


annelise said...

Merde, indeed. What a terror this gorgeous dog is!! Good Lord.

(Note to self: don't give in and get a puppy. Cats are much easier.)

Sara Louise said...

Holy crap! That would have scared the bejeezus out of me! We have to worry about them chewing razors now?!
(loving that photo by the way!) xo

Habebi said...

Annelise- Yeah labs don't like to be bored, especially young energetic ones. This has been noted and is being dealt with accordingly.

While I lurve, LURVE my doggies I will agree. Cats are a bit easier in the maintence dept.

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- Keep in mind it depends on the dog. Like I said Leo was bored and if he's not playing or working (doing tasks for his training and the like) he NEEDS something to do. The good news with Leo is he rarely if ever swallows anything that he chews on unless it's a rawhide or pigs ear. Thank goodness for that.

That said, I would keep the razors up high... just in case. Those aloe strips are very tasty to them apparently. Bisous!

Sarah said...

Oi vey. What a mess. I remember when my cat swallowed a friggin' needle. That was bad enough. This would have been WAY worse. I'm glad he didn't swallow anything, but yeah, you don't need any more PTSD!