Sunday, November 28, 2010


Why oh why do things have to be so... ugh... complicated? I'm not talking about the holiday in of itself. In fact, Thanksgiving was great and I was excited that I could eat a meal for the first time since 'the incident'. Then in the middle of the night my Thanksgiving dinner was not settling on my stomach so well. I was up for two hours in stomach pain, then my body decided to hit the eject button. Though I felt a bit better, I could barely eat the next day so I went back to my magic man of a kinesio/chiro to see if I could get any relief.
He checked me out and sure enough it wasn't just inflammation of my rib cage and abdominal walls I also managed to develop a hiatal hernia (click on the link for all the great details if you want them). In short, part of my stomach decided to take a trip upward into my esophagus. Oh yeah, you know it is as 'fun' as it sounds. Blech.
So no I wasn't so busy with Thanksgiving I forgot to post, I was in pain and exhausted, and kinda cranky with it all lol. Good news is it's not a serious injury, just an annoyingly uncomfortable one. Add that I have to eat tiny portions, deal with acid reflux, and I have become one not so pleasant person. I haven't had a full meal in over a week. My blood sugars hate me right now.
Here's to this week... may it be filled with good recovery, larger meals, and kids who won't decide to take their frustrations out on my poor stomach.
ps- Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving or at least a Happy Thursday.


annelise said...

Wow, it really sounds like he did some damage. That sucks, you poor thing. I hope it sorts itself out quick smart!

Habebi said...

annelise- It's almost embarassing how much he managed to do without using too much force! Didn't help that my stomach was tender and hurting due to a stomach virus. It was the perfect combination of the right spot under the right conditions. Cuhrazy.

Sara Louise said...

I know that the boy was made to apologize to you, but I truly hope that he does actually understand what he has done. Hope you heal soon xo

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- He did apologize, but, he also ended up crying about the whole ordeal. So, I'm hoping that shows some sign of remorse. Thank you for the well wishes, almost 100% now!