Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Intentions

I was going to blog about my Halloween weekend, I was. I had some pictures taken by my phone (as Jon needs his camera at work... darn it... bye bye nice camera for a bit) and some witty commentary all ready to go. What prevented this from happening you wonder? Waking up. Mind you it wasn't a horrible day, it just was... a Monday.
In short, today I have/did...
Woke up thirty minutes late.
Forgot breakfast.
Forgot my phone at home.
Left various items in classrooms at my job.
Dealt with Leo's butthead/stubborn moments all stinkin' day. I hate [dog] adolescence btw. Hate. It.
Forgot to lock the door to the teacher's bathroom. Guess how I figured that one out?
Did I mention I work with kids while going through all of this?
Came home to hungry and thirsty kitties, one little one so hungry he nearly knocked all of the food over.
Realize the dirty laundry will take over this house if I don't get on top of it NOW.
Manage to not seal a Ziploc bag properly thus causing Amish friendship bread dough to ooze all over the counter, and the floor, and of course on me..
Come to the conclusion that a post about the Halloween weekend was not going to happen, because dang it I wasn't in the mood.
Hope your Monday much, much better than mine. As for me, I'm going to drink some wine, fold some laundry, and hope that the world will leave me alone tomorrow.


annelise said...

Why do these days always seem to happen on a Monday? Ugh. Hope the rest of your week is better!

Sarah said...

November didn't start off well for anyone. Hope you're having a better day today!

Sara Louise said...

UGH! You had a bad juju Monday!! I hate those!! At least it's already the middle of the week :-)