Monday, February 28, 2011

Diagnosis- Don't freak out

The diagnosis has been issued: I have a detached retina. It's bad, but, not the worse case scenario. I have actually been really lucky that I haven't caused more damage the past weeks with all I do! The doc I saw today was fantastic and he and his office worked lightening fast to get me into a retinal specialist immediately. I will be seeing him first thing tomorrow morning. Surgery is very likely and I'll have to take some time off of work to rest and recover. Leo may have to go to a sitter for a bit of that time, it just depends what my prognosis and recovery plan will be.
I'm a bit dazed at the moment. Ive been calling work, arranging for subs, and all that. Just crazy! While this is stressful it is good news as it is an issue that can be fixed. We just have to take care of it pronto. Thank you everyone for the good thoughts and such. They worked! I'll keep you updated best I can. I'm freaked, but, starting to think positive. Much luv to you all!!


Jessica said...

You'll be fine. Don't freak out. It's good to know that it's something that can be fixed and you've got health cover now! Whew.

Keep us updated and perhaps buy a pretty patch from Etsy (not joking, this might help you in the meantime in not overstress your poor eye... ask the doc if it's a good idea).


Clouds said...

it sounds bad! but at least they know what's wrong, and hence can fix it! if it helps, i went to get my spectacles made today. first time in my entire life i will be wearing glasses!! :P

Sara Louise said...

Yes, on the positive it's been diagnosed and can be taken care of. But oh my! Rest up and get better soon x