Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Don't Do [this much] Snow in Oklahoma

This photo is NOT an exaggeration. The state of Oklahoma has been closed down since the 15-20 inches of snow thanks to Blizzard '11 decided to come through Tuesday. I haven't left the house in three days, AND tomorrow marks the fourth day that school will be canceled. Temperatures have been below 20 degrees, and in the below zero range which is rare for us and is keep the snow and ice around. That said, I'm loving being at home as all creature comforts, cable, food, internet, electricity, haven't been taken away. I am loving being able to get little projects here and there taken care of. It has been nice.
That said, it hasn't been nice outside the house for many. I have friends who were stranded at work until today when they were 'rescued'. I know other people who had to wait five hours for a tow truck to get to their car that ran off the road. In fact, the state is littered with abandoned cars along the highways and city streets. Many highways are shut down or just barely drivable. Plowing them, and city streets, has been hindered by the absurd number of vehicels littering the roads. Mind you, we don't exactly have a large fleet of snowplow vehicels in the state, I've been told that the city of Tulsa has exactly two of them. So, you can imagine how slow going the clean up efforts have been. There is over a foot of snow on the city street I live on right now, it hasn't been cleared and the only cars able to get through (at a slow pace) are large trucks and heavy duty jeeps. Not even the mailman has delivered the mail.
That's right, even this blizzard has halted the mail.
And if things don't sound crazy enough soak in this next photo taken by a friend's husband near their home.
The snowplow is stuck. STUCK! This is along a major street in South Tulsa and he's not going anywhere until the area around him is cleared out. Insanity. Suffice it to say, I'm happy to be warm and safe inside and I plan on staying put until things are safe enough to drive.
Cause it's the little things like not being injured, or damaging your car, or being stranded that make life that much nicer.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Gad what awful weather. We've been hearing about it on French national TV. Hope your heat stays on and you and the dogs don't get frostbite.
I'm going on a blogging holiday until Spring. I have nothing interesting to say.
See you on Facebook. Bisous

Caitie said...

The snow you guys are getting made the news over here! And one super bonus with no mail delivery is no bills! Stay warm :-)

Habebi said...

Dedene- It has?!!? WOW! I feel special, and cold, but, special. The heat is still on and the dogs are loving the snow to romp in. I have to make them come inside.

I'll miss you blogging!! But, hey we all need a break sometimes. At least you're on FB. :-) Bisous!

Habebi said...

Caitie- It was on the news in Switzerland too!? Wah hoo!! I mean, it's kinda sad that most of the time when Oklahoma is ever in the news is during horrid weather, looney politicians talking, or rednecks doing something stupid. (that sounded really bitter didn't it? lol) But, hey I'll take the bad weather getting reported anyday over the other two things. lol

lovelyinlux said...

LOL Sorry, but I have to laugh at the stuck snow plow. It doesn't look like enough snow for a big thing like that to be stuck!
We obviously get big snow storms more often in Wisconsin, but nothing can help you get used to being snowed in at home. It's fun to get free days off of work, but no fun knowing you can't leave the house!!! Hope you've gotten out in the meantime before the next storm hits!!! Good luck!!