Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowmaggedonmonsterpocolypse- Say That Ten Times Fast

Mina, hypnotized by the snow.
Not but three days ago, on Saturday, Oklahoma tied a record high- it was 75 degrees. Right now it is 12 degrees with blizzard like conditions. Now, folks you must understand Oklahoma is NOT equipped to deal with this kind of weather. It simply isn't. Even with a state of emergency declared there just isn't enough equipment to clear the roads. Most mock this, roll their eyes and such. Though I did live up north I've learned to accept this shortcoming. Usually we have some ice, a bit of snow, and that's it for winter. When we have more than an inch of snow people get weird and crazy. Imagine how it is when there's a prediction of over a foot of snow. Yeah, we just shut down (after going to the grocery and liquor store mind you, necessities to survive being stuck at home).
Now imagine when a blizzard warning is issued- the third one issued in Tulsa history. Schools shut down BEFORE the snow was even here. Even I canceled a babysitting gig for fear the freezing rain would start while I was babysitting. It did btw, makes me feel better in light of the parent who was annoyed at me for requesting that I stay home and safe.

It's not even 9am here in Tulsa and we are already snow bound. I love it as long as I don't have to drive in it of course. One things that I love about snow storms, or blizzard in this case, is it forces one to just stay inside and slow down. Lordy knows we all need that sometimes, right? The dogs, however, are going cuhrazy playing outside, it's like switch comes on and their brains go into snow mode. Leo hates it that I'm not letting him outside!

But when your back door has already been frozen shut (hairdryers are so handy) I'm going with the play it safe mode. Besides, I have to clean and dry the dogs off and well... yeah I have the day off and I plan on being extra lazy.

Unlike Tibby... who has taken lazy to the cat coma level. So, he wins the lazy contest... for now. ;-)
ps- You better believe more snow survival stories and pictures to come!


Sarah said...

I seriously love that pic of Tibby. And the chicken leg hanging in the air. :D Glad you're staying in and warm!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Isn't he hilarious?? At one point he was embracing his chicken leg. Hope you're staying warm AND sane yourself!

Sara Louise said...

Staying inside and slowing down sounds pretty good to me :-) Stay warm!

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- It is working well so far. Today it is near 0F so yeah, no way I'm going outside if I can't help it. lol