Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Sweet Boys
Just hoping you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. Jon and I celebrated last night with a fantastic four course meal and a great bottle of pinot noir at a local French restaurant. Nothing super fancy in terms of gifts, but, that wonderful meal was all I needed. It really is the simple things in life isn't it?


Sarah said...

The simple things are the best, for sure. The reminders that we are, in fact, still ALIVE and can appreciate the good stuff. And the knowledge that we can get through tough times if the little stuff doesn't blow up in our faces. Happy Valentine's Day, chica!

Caitie said...

That sounds great! My guy fixed me a gourmet meal sticks, because that's all he knows how to make. Maybe my gift to him should have been cooking lessons ;-)

Sara Louise said...

I'm all about the simple right now. Our V-Day was dinner at home, I cooked Spanish, and we drank lots of Cava with it (well I did anyway) xo

Clouds said...

it's ALL about the simple things in life. your v-day sounds quite ideal actually. :)