Sunday, April 19, 2009

Opening Up

Opening up a bit, just like this little flower.
Well, not sure what to blog, but, as I was tagged awhile ago on Facebook (several times actually) why not have a post about 25 random things about me. Except I will make it more of a getting to know me kind of meme. Okay, you have been warned, so, if you don't want to know anything about me at all then get away from this page now.
Here we go: 25 Things About Me

1. My name is Megan. I use Habebi as my blog 'identity' because I like the word. It's Arabic for 'sweetheart' and I was taught that word by an elderly Lebanese woman living in small town Oklahoma.

2.I have lived in the following: Yukon, OK (home of Garth Brooks for those who didn't know); Williamsburg, Virginia; the Detroit suburbs in Michigan, on a farm in middle of nowhere Iowa, small city outside of Tulsa, OK; Koichi, Kobe, and Takarazuka Japan; and Tulsa, OK. (in roughly that order)

3. I really began college at almost 22 years of age. I quickly became the 'old fart' and embraced that label all through college. (I am also VERY glad to have been older during college- I would've been a 'hot mess' had I gone the 'normal route).

4. My major was originally piano performance, but, due to injuries, I scaled it down to just a music degree. Later I added an intensive minor (21 hours) in international studies, and another major in political science. I also was in marching band and ensembles all through college. I loved every minute of it.

5. I am a NERD. I love to learn things that are multi-faceted and being challenged. I'm not goal oriented persay, I prefer to learn and go through the process of doing something. To me the process is the most rewarding. I actually miss being in college despite the stress of papers and studying for tests.

6. I speak English, French, and Japanese and know some words and phrases in Spanish. I love languages and hope to learn German and maybe Italian (at least enough to get by).

7. I LOVE traveling. I've been to four countries outside of the US. France, Japan, Canada, and Spain. I think that's rather pitiful and I hope to change that in the future.

8. I've played the piano for nearly 23 years, flute for about 16 years. I can also play the piccolo (not a stretch for flute players) and actually played the cello for nearly 2 years. Again- NERD.

9. I'm an animal lover. If I ever left the country for a period of time I would probably make sure to save up money to take my pet(s) abroad. Life is just so much better with animals!

10. I have an irrational fear of being buried alive. I blame watching a soap opera one summer vacation years ago.

11. I love to read, but, don't do it near enough.

12. As far as a career, I have no clue. Ultimately I would love to end up in a job where there is an exchange of knowledge and that fosters understanding. This said job also needs to be interesting and I would need to be learning from it all the time.

13. Because of that I will probably end up teaching in some fashion.

14. Did I mention I teach piano currently at a music studio in Tulsa?

15. I have not been out of the country since I moved back from Japan where I was a high school exchange student. That really, REALLY bugs me and I plan on changing that asap.

16. I would love to go to grad school. If I did go and graduate, I would be the first woman in my family to get a graduate degree. That thought actually motivates me.

17. I've been dating my current boyfriend for nearly four years! If you asked me 10 years ago if I would date someone past a couple of years and not get married to them by that point I would've laughed.

18. Actually my initial thoughts on life as a teen was to go to school, get married, and have kids young (so I wouldn't be 'old' when they were older). I am VERY thankful life threw my onto a different course.

19. I have wanted to be the following: a doctor, vet, architect, professional musician, diplomat, and all around cool person. At this point, I'm aiming to be a cool person and hoping the rest will figure itself out.

20. I can be a horrible procrastinator and it was really bad during school. I'm hoping a year or so break from school will help me deal with that better. We shall see...

21. I have dealt with PTSD, anorexia/bulemia, depression, and anxiety disorder. Despite the crappiness of having that around for a bit (in my late teens early 20s) I think am a better person for having gone through it. For that, I'm grateful.

22. If I'm not happy, engaged, in an activity/job/whatever I will not do well. It's a horrible quality sometimes, but, I'm trying to make it work to my advantage.

23. I'm an optimist with a heady dose of realistic.

24. Being the extrovert that I am I love to laugh and I'm one heck of a goofball. This helped me deal with moving and found me some fabulous friends along the way. I love people and this is a great tool for that.

25. I'm an organized mess on the inside. Meaning I'm a mess, but, things are in nice piles, have labels, and get cleaned through every now and then.

Now aren't you glad you got through all of that? ;-)

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