Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In a frantic sprint to get a gas container out of my car so my best bed Sarah could take me to get gas (I ran out, but, made it to where I was going!) I slipped out of three inch slingbacks and rolled my ankle. It hurt like hell, but, I didn't want to make a scene. Well, after a day of being in heels yesterday, tons of pain, my foot nearly twice its normal size, and some discoleration today I went in for x-rays at Urgent Care. Good news is no fracture meaning I'm not stuck in a cast or boot for a set period of time. Bad news is it's a bad sprain and as it is my third sprain, recovery is going to take time. Gotta fix these weak ankles! This is getting old!!


Anonymous said...

That's awful! You'd better go see a physical therapist to get your muscles toned up. Don't go crazy while you're healing.

Habebi said...

You are totally right! I have a kineseologist/chiropractor that I see, and as I have no medical insurance he will have to do. But, he's great and it's more than I've had with previous sprains so hopefully that'll really help rehab.