Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Makes Me Happy

My long-lost friend Charles and I at Wild Fork
(ignore the shiny face and windblown look please)
As addictive as Facebook is, I love it. The picture above is why I love it. Charles and I went to the same church for awhile when we were 'youngins'. Then due to life stuff we lost contact. About three to four years ago I did a Facebook search for him and voilà! He was studying at Villanova at the time (then he went to London for grad school- lucky duck!) so I added him and from there we communicated via technology. Well, finally he made it back to Tulsa last week and despite my sprained ankle we met up at Wild Fork for a yummy breakfast outside. It was great and despite my clumsiness (I knocked down my water glass to give him a hug when he arrived- classic), and the fact that I was uncaffienated, we had a great time chatting. Seriously, best way to start the day- catching up with a friend, laughing, talking, and eating great food.
Just one of those great life moments.

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