Friday, April 24, 2009

New Found Respect (and fear)

I went to babysit the four kiddos I watch every Friday today despite gimp status.

At one point the baby was screaming in my lap, the oldest screaming and crying because he had been scratched by accident while the other two making were various noises playing- and the tv on.

I wanted to scream myself.

That was the worst of it, but, overall it was a difficult and LONG four hours. On the journey back to the house, I was crying.I don't know how you moms do it, I don't. And at this moment I'm convinced I could never be a mom if I were ever incapacitated.

Wine, and lots of it, is definitely called for.


Sarah said...

Wine is how we do it ;)

Also, and this you already know, it's not always that bad. And they do get a lot more self-sufficient as they grow.

As for incapacitation, you learn a whole new level of pain tolerance when the kids are your own. Not to mention tolerance of any and all bodily fluids (sometimes combined). It's speshul.

Have a great, restful weekend!

Habebi said...

LOL funny you should say that, I had four stains from baby vomit and unidentified fluids on my jeans and shirt. Oddly enough, that didn't get to me. Thanks for the encouragement hun! Have a fab weekend yourself!