Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finding the Balance

Sooo.. things are good. Somehow, the changing season has provoked me into finding a new balance in my life. I am actually trying to find time to exercise as I'm no longer walking around campus nearly 20 mins per day five days a week and man am I noticing it. Besides, I have a puppy who cannot stand to be bored- so he needs to walk. Then there's adding more fruits and veggies in the daily diet.

Tomorrow I begin office hours at the studio which isn't an issue at all. Just one more adjustment this new position. I think sitting at the studio, even if there isn't one call, will really help me get my work to-do list done, work on being a bit more organized personally, study more, and hell maybe I'll get to write a blog post or two...or three...or.....

To be honest, not sure why I'm blogging this, but, I'm getting it out of my head and that helps.

And I don't care how crazy or rambly you all think I am. ;-)


Sarah said...

Nice image! Enjoy the working hours, and I hope you don't get bored!

Habebi said...

Thanks! I was looking through Google images and saw it. I think it has to do more with food actually, but, it's a fun image. Couldn't resist!