Monday, March 1, 2010

Deep Breath

Taken about a month ago I think this adequately represents how the dogs are feeling about me today. Sorry boys, Mama's gotta get stuff done.
Last night I recieved some awful news from my wonderful person of a boss. Her brother-in-law was flying a small plane that crashed near a small local airport, he and another passenger perished in the crash. My boss and her family were very close to him and his family and they are all devestated and understandably in shock. She is taking a week off of work to deal with the family. Though obviously it is going to take much more than a week to come to terms with what such a tragic and sudden loss.
Since this morning I have not been taking care of work stuff (except for this blog post obviously) nearly non-stop. Within a couple of minutes after I rolled out of bed I have had a steady stream of emails, texts, and calls all in regards to studio needs. Because of this I've had to cancel going to Louie's usual dog training class to take care of stuff. I seriously think he's a bit cranky, but, good Lord I haven't even had a shower yet! Whee!
I have always wondered what all my boss deals with in a day and this is definitely giving me some perspective. Doesn't matter though, biting down on the bullet, taking a good deep breath, and doing everything I can to ensure the studio is fuctioning. I can't wait for dance class tonight to help clear my head. It's going to be quite a busy week if today is any indicator.


Sarah said...

Oh suck... :( I will put your boss' family in my thoughts this week. How awful.

Best of luck holding down the fort at the studio!

Dedene said...

That's awful! She's lucky to have you there to pick up the work and be supportive.
Enjoy being the "boss" this week.
I've been gone due to the bad weather.

Habebi said...

Sarah- that's mucho appreciated. I can tell she's really upset and shook up. Can't blame her at all.

Habebi said...

Dedene- Thanks for the kind words and I'm SO glad to hear you're okay. I read about the storms and wondered how mes amies fared. Hope you all don't have too much to clean up. Take care!