Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Joke Fail

I totally wish I could've wrote, "Mina did the laundry today- APRIL FOOLS!"
Let's face it- cats can't do laundry. Even if they could fold things, there's no way they would allow us to use them like that. Though obviously Mina enjoys the laundry quite a bit.
Happy April Everyone!


Sara Louise said...

I wish Fifty did just one little chore around the house. Anything. Even if he just stopped shedding, I'd be thrilled!

Habebi said...

I hear ya! The hair can be a major issue- especially when they're puppies and shedding this kind of coat and that kind of coat.

I have to be truthful with ya though, Leo will learn how to sort laundry. That's right SORT LAUNDRY! I know that day will be when he is older and strong, but, oh my gawd I can't wait! Hoping I can teach Louie to do the same- oh could you imagine?

Sarah said...

Vixen does laundry. If by "does," you mean that she takes it and "puts it away" wherever she is stashing socks that day. Watching a 6-pound cat trot through the house with my VS slipper in her mouth IS rather funny, though.