Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feis Prep: Get Organized

Note: This is not what my to-do list looks like... give or take a couple of to-do's
Okay so an out of town trip that'll last no more than 36 hours, at one point, would not warrent a to-do and packing list in my book. I once had to pack clothes and items keeping in mind I wouldn't be in America for nearly 10 months without making a single list. However, as I've gotten older and wiser I have discovered the bliss that is putting items needed and to do on a piece of paper; add a first competition ever for me (dance wise) I knew I had to get my merde together.
Thus, I am making daily to-do lists with the Little Rock Feis in mind. I don't know what has inspired me really, but, I do know that getting organized means less to deal with the day of my competition. Let's think this one through shall we? Less stress to deal with in my performance anxiety brain? Frak yeah bring it! I'm game.
I have shopped for items (make-up, hair stuff, etc) already and the next step is mapping out my day and a half in Arkansas. Of course, I know there's no way I'm going to stick to an exact schedule as, for one, I am soooooo not a Type A personality. That said, getting an idea of what I need to be doing I think is helpful. To top it off I actually typed up a packing list! I know, I know you are probably thinking, "So?" If you knew me, especially when I swore up, down, sideways, underways, topways I would never write much less type a list, you would be shocked or proud.
To be honest, I'm kinda proud of myself. Just a teeny, teeny bit, but, it's there. ;-)
The real trick is getting all those to-do's and taking all the needed items on the trip. Ha! We'll see how that one goes!


Sara Louise said...

I love lists :-)

Dedene said...

Good for you for getting organized. Have a good trip.

Habebi said...

They really are nice things aren't they? Gets all that stuff out of my head, makes room for the voices. ;-)

Habebi said...

Merci Dedene! I'm trying to strike the balance of being organized and prepared, but, still focusing on the fun. It's my first time doing this so it's a bit tough!

Sarah said...

I am slowly but surely corrupting you to to the dark side. Girls Night here next weekend (30th/31st)? Any night work for you? LMK! Adam will be on his cruise!

Habebi said...

LOL Sarah!! It's true, you're influence is leading me to the dark side indeed. It maybe dark here, but, it is definitely more organized! ;-)

Next weekend either or works for me!