Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bright and Early

This morning I got my half-awake body out of bed (I only slept a small handful of hours), got in the shower, got 'dolled' up, and had Jon take me and the boys to the Cherry Street Farmers Market. Why was I there? For food? Nope. For fresh produce? Nope.
I was there to dance!
An Irish music band, An tír glas Céilidh, invited us [students of my Irish dance school] to dance while they played for the market crowd. As I'm going to compete in a dance competition soon, I figured this would be a good experience. I haven't danced in front of a crowd since I was nine.

With the boys in tow, and no coffee in my stomach, Jon and I arrived at the Market.

Of course, a pow-wow is neccessary even for a relatively low key dance like this one.

As well as, an obligatory 'check out Cathleen and I rock this parochial school girl look' picture. I've never worn a plaid skirt that made my legs look somewhat decent, so, I had to document it. Vain, I know, but, when you have a complex about your legs like me you would understand.

The boys were pretty excited. I had to reign them in several times, especially since Jon wasn't in the mood. He hadn't had breakfast, poor guy. Understandable he lacked the strength to handle the puppies. ;-)

Oh, yes, right the dancing part. Yes, there was some of that. I screwed up a couple of things, at first, buuuuuttt, I recovered and had some fun. Hmmm... will have to work on that arm and upper body carriage though.

Sorry! Can't help but analyze! Check this lady out-her name is Sarah, she's 52, a dective, and she can dance circles around me. She's one heck of an inspiration.

A quick note- what we did today, dance wise, is called a step-about. Everyone takes a turn to dance a step or two (step= equals a bunch of steps done with one leg leading then the opposite). Anyways, in a step-about there's a bit of waiting, but, you have to pay attention 'cause if you don't, you look like an idiot starting late.

Please note, that idiot comment was not a reference to me nor any of the other dancers. Okay, so maybe I was a beat late, but, it didn't look like it to anyone soo... doesn't apply. Right? Right?!

After some we danced the dogs, who did a good job waiting around with the crowds, had to be loved on. This is me with Louie (who you all know well!) and Maddie- an eight year old spitfire who I have to keep up with in class every week! She's cute, and nice, so, when I can't keep she's very sweet about it.

No worries, Leo got plenty of love too!

You know what the best part about today was? It wasn't learning to dance in front of a crowd, not dancing with live musicians, not seeing the market, or the goods there- though all of that was fantastic mind you- it was being with a bunch of really nice people who've embraced me as one of their own and made me feel a part of a family.
You may all say, "Awwwwwwww!!" now. ;-)


Sara Louise said...

I love how you kept your sunglasses on! The photo of you dancing is great :-)

The Pliers said...

The photos are adorable and it must be mentioned that it is April 11th and you are all in shirtsleeves!!! My how the season fly!

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- Thank you! It was a practical choice as well as a stylish one. Practical because the sun was right in our eyes. One of the other dancers actually told me she wished she had done the same. The stylish part, yeah. How could one not channel a bit of Rachel Zoe in that outfit?!

Habebi said...

Merci Pliers! Yes the temps were climbing into the 70s by the time we were dancing. Not hot, but, definitely warm. This spring has been warmer than normal, but, no complaints; except for when I drive my car that doesn't have a working a/c.