Friday, April 23, 2010

Cue "On the Road Again" Music Now!

Susan's cute feet chillin' on the way to the Dallas feis last February
Well folks today is the day I galavant off to Little Rock for some feis and fun. Despite having a meltdown last night (shin pain, plus different teacher, plus new dance sneakers to break-in, plus my inclination towards being a high strung perfectionist equaled MESS!) I had no doubt I was going to pack my bag and hit the road today. As of 2:3opm CST I will be on the road with 8 year old Maddie, six year old Josie, and their [very cool] moms. I was promised four hours of dvd watching- and that "Tinkerbell" is a must-see.
So this is it! My first solo competition since high school and my first dance competition ever. Wish me luck and say a prayer I make it out looking decent please! See you all on the flip side!


Sarah said...

Let me know how Tinkerbell goes... my girl would probabl love it, too! Good luck!!!

Habebi said...

I have nooooo doubt she would Sarah- at all! lol Thanks for the well wishes!! It helps me try to focus on positive vibes!

Anonymous said...

You'd better bring back a trophy! Hope you dance your little booty off.

Sara Louise said...

Best of luck! And especially with that Tinkerbell dvd :-)