Saturday, May 8, 2010

Because We All Need More Cute Dog Pictures...

At the end of a much needed lazy Saturday the dogs decided to pay far too much attention to Jon. With their tongues. Like the good girlfriend that I am, I took grabbed the camera and took advantage of his plight.

Look at Lou. Oh you know, Louie knows exactly what he's doing. Can you tell? At least Leo is young and doesn't know better. What a poor example Louie is setting here. Speaking of Leo- do you see how big he is. The growing will just not let up! Imagine that much puppy on top of you/in your face/good morning wake up call. Let me tell ya it is as much 'fun', and as heavy, as it sounds.

Don't ask me what kind of noise I had to make to get Louie's head to move that way. It's better to remain in ignorance and soak up some serious doggy cuteness. Not sure if Jon appreciates it though- he has some not so happy looks aimed at me right now. lol Meh, doggy cuteness trump boyfriend crankiness anytime, right?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

It so does. This is why I coat the carpet in catnip even though it irritates Adam. Hehehe... glad you got a lazy day!