Friday, May 7, 2010

The Week In Review

This Week I Have:
- Helped to manage a successful recital for the studio I work for. My students were awesome, btw, I was a proud piano teacher.
-Recieved a blog award (which I need to spread the love-promise I will get to that)
-Gained three new followers! Hi guys! Welcome!!
-Danced on and off for four hours Tuesday
-Nearly sprained my ankle
-Popped a bone out of place* after nearly spraining my ankle.
-Despite that jumped higher than I ever thought possible!
-Danced Wednesday in spite of the pain in my foot- *sidenote, learned about the bone 'misalignment' two days later.
-Started and finished or nearly finished a ton of projects at work.
-Picked up a virus along the way.
-Had a successful training class with Leo!
-Cleaned the house- yes while still sick, but, hey it had to be done.
-Ohhh... aannnnndddd signed a lease to a new home. Yes, that's right, my roommate and I are moving out of our cute bungalow house. And yes, you're right, I totally owe you a story about that! I promise it's a good one.
Yes, I have gone through all of this and NOT blogged about anything! Nothing other than a quick mention about Leo's progress. I am a sad excuse for a blogger! I apologize over and over and over and over again. Do know that I love you all and I want to share all that has gone on. I miss bloggin' and hope you have missed me a bit too.
Be back uber soon! Garunteed!


annelise said...

Wow! Busy week! Hope your ankle isn't hurting (sounds painful!).

Oh, piano. I had lessons when I was a teenager but like a typical teenager, I rebelled, didn't practice and now I totally regret it. What a talent to have.

Habebi said...

Annelise- Thank you for your kind wishes. Yes, my ankle is a LOT better fortunatly. I just strained some ligaments at worse. Lots of ice, rest, Aleve, and a fantastic chiropractor/kineasologist have taken nearly all the pain away. Hope to be back to normal by Monday.

You know, despite teaching piano and playing it for 24 years, I totally get why people would drop piano. There's a whole lot going on in one instrument! I hope one day you're able to find the time to pick it up again. You're never too old for one and it's a great way to keep you're mind active and relieve stress.

I maybe a wee bit biased though. ;-)

Sarah said...

Wait... you MOVED??? When? Where to? Why? OK, I know why. And congrats on the blog award! How cool!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Technically, we're going to move. The tenents are still living where we're moving and yeah if we showed up it would be kinda weird.

I promise details are forthcoming!

TracePoo said...

you're so busy! i don't blame you for not being able to blog! i envy you for getting cleaning done. i certainly have to get to that too... some day. lol.

Habebi said...

Hey Trace- Yeah, things have been a wee bit hectic. Now keep in mind, I did do cleaning, but, I didn't do ALL the cleaning! lol It'll all get done someday! ;-)