Tuesday, May 11, 2010


10 years. I have waited and hoped and dreamed for good fromage blanc to come to Tulsa for 10 years. The last time I delighted in the creamy nuttiness of fromage blanc was, of course, in France. Being in Tulsa can have it's disadvantages and one of those, for me, was the fact I couldn't find fromage blanc in any of the speciality stores. Finally Whole Foods decided to start carrying it. First it was a California company which was so-so. Had the taste, but, didn't have the texture at all. No where close. I was disappointed, though I tried to like and enjoy it. Then they started carrying Vermont Butter & Cheese's version and it is nearly exactly how I remembered it. Add a bit of honey or sugar and I go to a rather creamy happy place.
It may sound dorky, but, I am really, really excited this stuff is in T-Town.

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