Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How's Leo Doing?

When my awesome Aussie living expat bloggin' friend Jessica posted a documentation of her trip to a Service Dog Organization in WA I realized that I haven't given you all a Leo update in forever! Please accept my sincerest apologies!
So how's Leo doing? Big for one! When the above picture was taken he was nearly five months old. At that point, he was 53 pounds!! Yes, he's bigger now (weight unknown, but, I'm sure we're near the 60 lbs. mark) and shows no signs of stopping. With said continual growth spurt comes puppy testoterone. Oh yes ladies and gents Leo's starting to be reminiscent of a pre-teen boy; headstrong and all over the place. Last week I felt as if he was in a constant 'butthead' state, as I like to call it. He whined when laying down at work, looked at me as if I was stupid when I gave a command, would play exceptionally rough, chewing on anything and everything (Nair for example) and so on and so forth.
Weeks like last week are tough for anyone who has a puppy who hits the 'butthead' phase of development. I think there was added frustration for me with Leo because when he gets all stubborn I worry he won't make a good service dog! However, I have to remind myself that many, if not all, puppy raisers go through struggles and phases with their would be service dogs. So, last week I gave Leo and me plenty of time outs and tried oh so hard to be patient!
To be honest, I don't know if we're free and clear of the 'butthead' phase, but, this week has been MUCH better. In fact, this very morning Leo opened and closed the refridgerator door three times! I was so thrilled with him! Every bit of praise I gave Leo made Leo so happy he nearly knocked himself over. Labs have these tails that are strong- I mean really strong here people- when that thing wags you have to keep your drinks and valuables away! So you can imagine happy tail equaled puppy hips going all directions. He was very happy too!
So in short Leo's big, Leo's still quite the puppy, and his training is coming along. He may not be doing everything I ask, but, we are definitely having some wonderful 'Ah ha!' moments. I think with lots of love and patience we might just get there.
ps- Stay tuned for another post about who I've picked for a blog award I recieved for the vivacious and awesome Sara Louise over at her blog! A big Merci to Sara Louise for this kind reward. And a big thank you to all who stop by my little corner of blogland!


sarah said...

i have a friend who's dog is a failed service dog, and they are SO HAPPY with him. he came fully trained and super happy and friendly (maybe why he failed his training). so! even if leo does fail as a training dog (which i don't think he will), at least he'll make some family SUPER DUPER happy.

he's so cute.

Habebi said...

I'm so glad they were able to get a fantastic dog! It's true, if Leo didn't make it he'd be more than welcome to stick around!

And yes, he is a-freakin-dorable! Though I am biased. Thanks for the kind comment!

Sarah said...

HAHAHAHA! He chewed Nair!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! He'll be a great service dog someday... once his head is removed from his sphincter. I just know it :)

TracePoo said...

Leo is such a cutie! I haven't had my own dog/puppy in a long time... but it's a bit like raising your own child, huh!

Sara Louise said...

I think Fifty is in his butthead phase at the moment too (today is his eight month birthday!). I love him and all, but good lord!!

Habebi said...

LOL! Yes he did. Found it in his kennel and there was a glob of it right next to the container. I'm thinking once a bit came out he realized that wasn't the tastiest treat out there. Seriously, anything near or on the floor has been a toy for him. Very- obnoxious.

And ROFL for the appropriate use of sphincter!! Love it!

Habebi said...

TracePoo- Yes it is! When Leo was a puppy I took him everywhere, but, had a puppy 'diaper' bag of sorts filled with stuff 'just in case' this, that, and the other happened. Has taught me lots of patience! Hats off to all you moms!

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- I hear ya! Oy. Louie went through a butthead phase on and on from five months to roughly 10 months give or take some weeks. By the time he hit one year he was a lot better, but, like you there were times I was thinking, 'OMG what is the deal?!'

Hang in there it does get better!

Living Creatively with Flory said...

Leo's adorable... I also have a dog for 10 years now. there's nothing like having a friend like them, they're super loyal!
Nice blog...I'm now a follower, hope you'll follow back!

Habebi said...

Flory- Thank you! I will stalk...erm... follow you too! ;-) I'm so glad you stopped by and I will be 'seeing' you around. Take care!