Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Surprises

You see this guy? Yup, that's a kitten. And yup, he's sitting in the little kitty cube of fun that I own. So, yup, SURPRISE! I've adopted a kitten. I found him Saturday night. He was outside a friends basement apartment and didn't run when I picked him up. In fact, he purred. And it was pretty much all over at that point. My friend thought there was a chance that a neighbor was taking care of him (along with a gob of other neighborhood outdoor cat), but, I couldn't just throw him outside and check in the morning if he'd back. I took him home and my friend hasn't informed me that he belongs to someone else.
So, as I said, it seems I've adopted a kitten, or him me... you never know with cats. ;-) He's adorable, sweet, loving, low key for a kitten, is already beginning to tolerate the dogs and knows to leave my cat Mina alone until she's full accepted his presence (she'll get over it soon enough). He perches on shoulders, curls up by my face when I'm in bed, give kisses, and purrs every time I approach. I've already made an appointment with my vet and Jon is already talking baby talk to him. I guess he's staying put! I know I can deal with it, but, I've been wanting another cat for a bit now so... kinda biased.
The only problem is a name... what should he be named? Right now he's 'Little Guy' and that just doesn't roll off of the tongue nicely does it?
Thoughts? What does this name should this cute, loving, sweet face be called?


Sarah said...

Pete. So that when Jon gets mad at him, he can yell, "FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, QUIT!!!"

or Salem, since it's October (and that'll always remind me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch).

Those are my two cents ;)

Sara Louise said...

Hmmm a name....
What about Saturday? Or Ink?

Caitie said...

These are my picks: Nimbus (the name from Harry Potter for the brooms they fly), Lenny, Finn, or Oscar.

He's really cute! Cats are the best...tied for first place along with dogs ;-)