Saturday, October 2, 2010


Remember when you were younger, and when it was Saturday came around all you had to worry about was the what television programs to watch and/or where you were going to hang out with your friends? I know I do, though it seems like eons ago. Now that I'm working more my Saturdays have transformed into days where I am excited, yes excited, to clean house and get things in order. I have developed some kind of weird neurosis about having the house cleaned up before Monday.
However, the past two weeks I haven't felt well at all thanks to the outrageous levels of ragweed and other allergens in there air. No kidding folks, it has been BAD. My roomie had to go to four pharmacies to find Zyrtec as so many people are desperate for relief that the stores can't keep that product stocked. Even Jon started suffering symptoms and the beginning of an infection and he rarely gets so much as the sniffles because of the pollen count. Anywho, thanks to constricted airways and a puffy face I wasn't exactly feeling up to cleaning. Now things got done here and there to keep the house from completely going to pot, but, it just hasn't been in any kind of order as I and Jon and my roomie have all felt lethargic and ill.
Well thanks to better living through chemistry (ie antibiotics, Zyrtec D, and steroids) I'm feeling my more alive and motivated to get things done. Today my Saturday will not be spent laying on the couch, it will be spent getting this place cleaned up and even some practicing in. I'm actually very anxious to get through it all. Is that sad?
And in the spirit of full disclosure here I will show you all what I am up against. Brace yourself folks. Please don't judge me and this house of yucky. If you are sensitive to pictures of what messiness looks like please look away now and do not return to this post. Okay you all have been warned!
Exhibit A: The laundry. Keep in mind this is before sorting and before all the laundry was moved to the basement to get washed. Laundry is one of those things that will never, ever end and I've come to accept it- to a degree. I still LOATH folding laundry though... that may never go away and I may have to come to accept it too. It a process I'm working through. They need a 12 step program for laundry I think... would help some of us out there.
Can you guess what clothing items are clean and which ones are dirty on the washer and dryer? I can't. Seriously, I have no clue on that one. If you have any thoughts do share!

Exhibit B: The Kitchen. This will be Jon's project for today. Lucky him!! I am really spoiled though. Jon cooks most of the meals and cleans up the kitchen. Though, he can take awhile to get to the dishes. It drives me nuts!! He has gotten better about it so I can't complain too much. Oh and before you click on this picture (I don't recommend it though) do know that all those black specs around the sink are coffee grinds. We won't go into the incident that caused them to be everywhere. Just understand that there is a legit reason for it and that is not little mold spores you're looking at.

Exhibit C: The Floors and The Dogs. My boys, ohhh how I love my doggy boys. They are so sweet, fun to be around, cute, loving, etc, etc. They are also the main culprits in creating a never ending trail of fur and destruction of toilet paper and toy remains on the floor (see picture below). I used to vacuum more than once a week, then I got a bit lazy these past couple of weeks and boy was the floor showing signs of neglect! Absolutely disgraceful, no excuse really. Cleaning the floor will be a major part of today.

Why did SpongeBob deserve to die?? SpongeBob lovers, I apologize for the graphic display of his tattered corpse. But scenes such as this (fur balls, toilet paper, shredded toys) are all too common around here. It's almost like the laundry in that fur balls are almost always on the floor. It's almost enough to make me give up keeping up with it, but, since my slight tendency towards OCD cannot tolerate looking at dust and fuzz tumbleweed I will take care of it! Just waiting for the medicine to open up my air passages for me to fully commit to cleaning and breathing while cleaning. It's the little things.

Well, at least some of us around here will get to lay around. Hope you all are having or had (for my friends in Oz and Asia) a Happy Saturday! I know mine will be happy once all this is DONE!


Sarah said...

I feel your pain and I don't even work!! It's impossible to keep up with it all. I applaud you for accepting the fact that it's a lost cause and if you catch up on it once a week, you're doing well. Enjoy the frenzy.

annelise said...

Hey, your laundry looks like my bedroom at the moment (with the exception of the washing machine. Of course). Some weeks, I'm really on top of keeping things neat and tidy, other weeks (like right now), I'm happy to step over clothes on the floor and ignore the pile of tissues. Isn't that disgusting?!

And I loved that feeling of a Saturday morning! I finished my two weeks of work yesterday and celebrated today by sleeping until midday :)

Habebi said...

Sarah- I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like having children around to boot. OY! I'm coming to a point where I realize I could spend a lot of energy being upset and obsessing over the mess, or, just let go and get to it when I can. I think I may get lucky and not be like my mother completely when it comes to a clean house! lol

Habebi said...

Annelise- I completely understand! There are moments when I am all about keeping on top of things. Then there are weeks where I'm too tired, or whatever, and virtually nothing gets done.

Yay for a day off! Sounds like you really deserved some free time and time away from the workplace. Hope some free time was all it could be for your!

Sara Louise said...

It has taken me a year, but I have finally convinced my husband that Saturdays are not just 'fundays' but that adults actually do work around the house on Saturdays. (it's been months of nagging!)
Oh, and don't even get me started on dog hair! The one reason I'm looking forward to colder weather is so Fifty stops shedding so much and I don't have to vacuum all the time. I hate vacuuming!